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Bruce Benson - University of Colorado President

Discussion in 'University of Colorado Elected Officials and Polit' started by absinthe, Oct 15, 2012.

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    Bruce Benson


    Email: OfficeofthePresident@cu.edu

    Education: University of Colorado - Geology 1964

    Job: President

    Bio: President Benson has been an supporter of his alma mater, having served as director of the Coleman Colorado Foundation-Institute for Cognitive Disabilities and as a board member of CU Boulder’s Center for the American West. Benson was national also chair of the CU's comprehensive fundraising campaign from 1997-2003 and served on the CU Foundation’s Board of Directors. President Benson became the 22nd president of the University of Colorado in March 2008, he leads a university system with four campuses: Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs and the Anschutz Medical Campus.

    Effects on Athletics: While it is hard to question President Benson's love and support for CU over the years, as well as his success in building the Anschultz campus results in Athletics under his tenure have been mixed at best. It is widely rumored he was instrumental in retaining Dan Hawkins for a lame duck season, cision and planning for athletics under his tenure have often been lacking. While he is a self-proclaimed supporter of CU athletics he has not helped his image with fans by presiding over and overly alumni driven and focused coaching search. A failure to outline and execute a grand vision for CU athletics and of course the Dan Hawkins mess.

    Response to AllBuffs Question and Answer:

    Quotes regarding athletics: In relation to the planned facilities upgrades:

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