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bsn BSN: BSN Buffs Podcast: What does it take for CU to reach the next level?

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Jul 7, 2016.

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    In the 24th edition of the BSN Denver Colorado Buffaloes podcast Will Whelan, Ryan Koenigsberg, Jake Shapiro and Allie Monroy talk about reaching the next level for the football team.There are bounces, sure. There are flukes, but what, specifically, does it take to reach the next level on the field? Find out what they think the Buffs need to, if it’s upsetting Oregon, UCLA, or USC or making a bowl game. The group discusses which position(s) and player(s) are most key?

    Which sport has it better? is it easier to turn things around in basketball or football? Boyle has done it and MacIntyre seems close. Is this indicative of this as a whole? Is CU an outlier with football being easier? The crew weighs in.

    As we’re under one month away until fall camp arrives and the anticipation is building the third segment talks about the feel which could absolutely be a crucial year for the future of this program. Make a bowl and you’re back? Miss it and maybe they’re considering a new coaching staff and possibly many more years of failing? How does the pressure of this year feel to Ryan and Will? How does it feel to current students, Jake and Allie, with regards to student interest and support? The group puts their unique perspectives on this.

    Finally in the last segment the cast role plays and tries to sell each other on CU.


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    Audio is below:

    Jake Shapiro
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