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bsn BSN: Colorado Buffaloes Offseason Primer

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, May 17, 2016.

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    It is almost as if I can see the look on Mike MacIntyre and Tad Boyle’s faces right now, wondering what this Colorado Buffaloes offseason is that I’m beginning to speak of. As if it is truly a thing that exists, as opposed to just a fantasy dreamt up by those whose attention spans can only handle so much sports.

    In truth, those who think there’s really an offseason for college athletics are likely also those who think there is crying in baseball and that Laremy Tunsil’s experience at Ole Miss was entirely above board and in line with NCAA regulations.

    From Spring Ball to NFL Combine coverage, from the late signing period and AAU recruiting sessions, being a fan of any college program means being in tune with the latest goings-on year round. As the summer months roll in, we’re here to keep you informed at BSNBuffs, meaning that your Colorado Buffaloes Offseason Primer is here to catch you up on what you might have already missed and keep you in the loop with some important dates/events on the horizon.

    Here we go.

    Boyle Signs 2016 Class, Headlined By SoCal Duo

    Despite losing assistant coach Rodney Billups, who went to take the reigns at his alma mater Denver University, the Colorado men’s basketball program continued without so much as a hiccup leading up to the final signing period for 2016 recruits. Those who confirmed their futures in Boulder included in-state big man Dallas Walton and out-state big man Lucas Siewart–both joining Deleon Brown and Bryce Peters who signed in the fall.

    Both Siewart and Peters finished out their careers as members of the Rivals150, meaning that Boyle has now signed a Rivals150 caliber prospect in four of his six classes while in Boulder.

    While their prospects for immediate contribution remain unknown, all four will fill positions of need for the Buffs, especially Walton and Siewart who look to be the heirs apparent to Wesley Gordon and Tory Miller, who will both be gone in one and two years, respectively.

    NFL Draft Diss for Gridiron Buffs

    No one can pretend to be completely shocked that neither Kenneth Crawley nor Stephane Nembot ended up being selected in the 2016 NFL Draft. Neither quite fulfilled their potential while in Boulder, despite enjoying a host of individual success, and would have been considered true reaches if they did get selected.

    But then there is the case of Nelson Spruce. You know, Spruuuuuuuce. The baddest dude in Black and Gold with the surest hands I’ve seen out of a college receiver, like, ever. The guy who broke records held by a litany of Colorado Buffaloes holding legend-status and the guy who caught more passes than anyone in Pac-12 history.

    Not selecting Spruce showed just how lost NFL General Managers, coaches, and other front office suits can be when it comes to the middle rounds of the Draft. Professional sports are as much about opportunity as anything else and it’s unfortunate to see a talent like Spruce probably get flushed down the drain because he has to deal with a rookie quarterback in a dysfunctional franchise in the world professional sports town in the country.

    #CUin17 and Other Social Media Hype Machines

    College coaches being active on social media is one of the no-brainer moves for a program, in my opinion. It builds your brand and can showcase a staff’s personality to recruits that might not otherwise have been exposed to it. Who knows, maybe some kid thinks the Buffs’ football staff is lit (or something) because they post awesome pictures and edits on Twitter.

    At the very least, it’s entertaining as all hell to follow–particularly following Wide Receivers Coach, Recruiting Coordinator and Co-Offensive Coordinator Darrin Chiaverini. Seriously, look at this stuff:

    Something very special coming together at Colorado! #Rise16 #CUin17 pic.twitter.com/15iZrRvrOX

    — Darrin Chiaverini (@CoachChev6) May 16, 2016

    In the Champions Center weight room and all I can think about is getting back on the field! Rise of the Buffaloes! pic.twitter.com/B1eWicdc3Y

    — Darrin Chiaverini (@CoachChev6) May 14, 2016

    If I was 16-years-old, I’d think that coach is the coolest guy on the planet and I’d want to play for him. Not to mention, Defensive Coordinator Jim Leavitt

    Frank Benanti-Your The Man! Awesome start to an awesome Day! I am on FIRE FOR THE BUFFS! Let’s build this thing! pic.twitter.com/KoXwxCkjFk

    — Jim Leavitt (@CoachJimLeavitt) April 21, 2016

    Seriously, the guy is a national treasure. Not to mention, he practically live-tweeted a tornado in Kansas while on the recruiting trail. Awesome, just awesome.

    But as we praise, we also have to be sure to keep it real. The staff tweeted out indications that a Dallas-area prospect had given them a silent verbal commitment–signs pointed towards Xavier Newman. Yet, the news was never truly made public because Newman committed to Texas shortly thereafter. Then, the social media game of Texas Tech transfer and senior quarterback to-be, Davis Webb.

    At various times over the past month, as his commitment to Colorado has wained and his intention to make damn sure that he’s got the starting gig locked up and a ready-made team around him has become clear, his social media trolling has also peaked.

    From changing his avatar to changing his bio, and from unpinning certain Colorado-focused tweets to favoriting tweets from Cal coaching staff members, the window provided by social media into a player’s recruitment has never been more convoluted and over analyzed before. John Rothstein is probably stuffing his face with steamed clams, arancini, and ricotta while grinning, reading Webb’s Twitter history aloud in a fit joy.

    May 21, 2016: The day Webb enrolls somewhere so one fan base can rejoice and another can drink whiskey until fall camp, when they’ll just drink Kool-Aid…and whiskey.

    Basketball Recruiting Periods

    College coaches can hit the road once again in July to scout the next round of players they’ll end up running out of town or recruiting over…er, I mean, actively and enthusiastically recruit.

    In all seriousness, July is a time when future household names are just guys running around high school gyms and auxiliary courts in Las Vegas hoping to see a certain team logo sitting on the sideline. It’s insanely exciting and if you want to know who you’ll be cheering for in Black and Gold in the years to come, you’ll need to be ready to follow the action.

    The live periods are as follows: July 5-10, 13-17, 20-24

    Colorado and head coach Tad Boyle will have three or more scholarships to fill with the impending graduations of Gordon, Xavier Johnson, and Josh Fortune.

    Higgins Adds to Personal Legacy

    Leaving your college program tied for the all-time lead in points scored has to feel pretty damn good, at the end of the day. Being a part of a team that tied for the program record of single-season wins can’t hurt, either.

    But when all is said and done, ForeverBuff Cory Higgins never got to play in the NCAA Tournament, being a part of Boyle’s first team that was considered to be one of the worst snubs from the 2011 Big Dance.

    Higgins has traveled a winding road through his career, from high school in California to prep school in Florida, then to Colorado where he played for two head coaches, and off into the professional ranks where a brief stint in the NBA led to opportunities overseas. Now, he can add another landmark to his journey.

    Along with his club, CSKA Moscow, Higgins won the EuroLeague title, considered by many to be the greatest accomplishment in basketball outside of an NBA Title and playing on your country’s Olympic team. Oh, and he had one of these in store for the win:

    .@chiggins11 drives all the way to the basket and finishes in style!! @CSKABasketball #F4GLORYhttps://t.co/VTS9i8sqOw

    — EuroleagueBasketball (@Euroleague) May 15, 2016

    Congratulations to Cory on the tremendous accomplishment. Fellow program alum, Andre Roberson, has also been key to his team’s postseason success, starting for the Oklahoma City Thunder, who took a 1-0 series lead over the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals last night.

    The Great Ryan Koenigsberg Moving On Up

    Those of you who have been following BSNBuffs from the beginning know the kind of unique content that this site has become known for. So much of that is due to the vision, dedication, and hard work of my good friend, Ryan Koenigsberg.

    As Editor of BSNBuffs, Ryan turned a start-up CU site into a leading source for Buffs information, sure, but also a destination for people looking to get their fix of CU coverage in a new, dynamic way. While Ryan is not gone from Buffs coverage forever, we’re excited that he’ll be taking on a more prominent role with BSNDenver and heading up the BSNBroncos coverage.

    In his place will be me…don’t sound so miserable while reading this. In all seriousness though, I’ve spent nearly my entire journalism career covering the Buffs and am excited to be back around the program and fans that made so many seasons in the past so much fun. We’re aiming to keep up the same standard of excellence that Ryan and company set, though of course, it won’t be easy.

    Congratulations, my friend. The growth and drive you’ve shown since the day I met you is indescribable and Buffs fans, Broncos fans, and the people of Colorado are lucky to have you in their media.

    William Whelan
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