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bsn BSN: CU Buffs Cade Apsay has come a long way this season

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Nov 16, 2015.

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    Cade Apsay has come a long way this season. On the depth chart, he’s gone from third to second to now first, but it was his progression between the ears that allowed him to progress between the lines.

    The redshirt freshman quarterback was suspended for the first two games of the year for a violation of team rules during the offseason. The discipline served as a wake-up call.

    “It’s an 18-year-old growing up, you know, we all have those times in our lives,” MacIntyre said of the suspension. “He kind of had to look himself in the mirror and say, ‘I either can do this or I can’t do this,’ he looked in the mirror and said, ‘I can do this.’ That’s really rewarding as a coach and for him.”

    “Who I was a player and as a person at the beginning of fall camp and who I am now is completely different,” added Apsay. “First day of fall camp I told myself, ‘I have a team I need to prepare for and they need me,’ so I had to step it up.”

    Step it up he has, improving consistently in practice and capitalizing on an opportunity to move into second on the quarterback depth chart when Jordan Gehrke suffered a hip injury mid-season. Gehrke is back healthy, but Apsay kept that second string title, allowing him to come in to relieve Sefo Liufau went he went down against USC.

    “I just think it’s been his handle and his grasp of the offense,” said offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, Brian Lindgren of Apsay’s growth. “The spot kind of towards the end of Spring and into Fall Camp where he started to really get a handle of it and he was able to relax and go play, he didn’t seem like he was thinking as much. He’s a real natural passer, he’s a real accurate passer, he gets the ball out of his hands quick. He’s a talented guy, so when it clicked for him we were really excited because he’s got a big upside and I think he can do a lot of different things.”

    The news that Liufau will not be back anytime soon means Apsay will start this week as the Buffs travel to Pullman, Washington to take on the Washington State Cougars, but a new quarterback doesn’t necessarily mean a new scheme.

    “Not a lot changes to tell you the truth, Cade’s been in the offense now for a little bit, he’s taken a ton of reps in practice and in Spring and he prepares every week like he’s the starter,” told Lindgren. “I don’t think the preparation model changes. We want to try and play to his strengths in the game plan, try to get him some stuff that he’s comfortable with, try to get him off to a good start, give him some confidence and get him rolling.”

    Apsay was the first high school quarterback recruit that Lindgren brought into Boulder, so, as you would expect, he fits the Lindgren offense very well.

    “That’s why we recruited him,” the offensive coordinator said with a smile. “I think he’s one of the more accurate guys that I’ve been around, he did some good things on Saturday as far as targeting the football. He’s what I like, he’s really comfortable in the [shotgun], he gets the ball out of his hand, he’s efficient with it and he throws a lot of completions. That’s what we’re looking for.”

    It’s never easy for a team to see one of their leader go down, but the Buffs are moving on and Apsay believes he has their support.

    “I think they like me,” he said with a laugh. “So far it’s been positive they’re all behind me, they believe in me. Having them behind me is really going to help me get ready for the week. All the leaders, some of the guys on defense, too, all the guys on the leadership council. Nelson Spruce, obviously, he’s been talking me through routes and timing and all that stuff.”

    And, of course, Liufau is helping him too.

    “A lot actually,” Apsay said of how much the two have talked. “He’s been awesome helping me prepare. I’ve asked him to help me in film, asking questions and all that, he’s been a great help.”

    “Being more assertive, taking control of the offense,” he added of where Liufau can help him the most. “I have had some problems with my own confidence and he’s helped boost that.”

    Apsay’s confidence should be high, he came into a game against one of the best teams in the Pac-12 and put down a performance that has most of Buff Nation excited about his future, starting this week, what stands in front of him is opportunity, not pressure.

    He’ll get that opportunity and the Buffs will get one of their last opportunities to add to their underwhelming win total on Saturday night when they take on a surging Washington State Cougars team (7:45 MST, Pac-12 Networks.)

    Ryan Koenigsberg
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