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bsn BSN: CU Buffs to contemplate national anthem actions

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Sep 16, 2016.

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    BOULDER – The Colorado Buffaloes have yet to be on the field for a national anthem this season, and that probably won’t change this weekend when they play the Michigan Wolverines. However, the public may be curious to see if some of the Buffs’ players would join Colin Kaepernick and many other NFL players in kneeling during the star-spangled banner.

    With a team of racially and politically diverse college students, it is an interesting question on many levels.

    Would some players try to kneel? Would the players wanting to kneel be allowed to kneel? Will they have the opportunity to protest if they want?

    To answer the first question, BSN Denver caught up with redshirt junior Bryce Bobo. The wide receiver from Covina, Calif. has played in all 17 games of his two-plus years of action and is also a socially conscious athlete.

    “I’ve seen some of the Seahawks players and 49ers players do that (protest the national anthem) and I think what they stand for is a good cause,” Bobo said.

    Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall also joined the protest last week ahead of the Broncos matchup with the Carolina Panthers. Marshall, among others, has kneeled because they have seen too much social injustice in this country.

    Maybe the worst part of Marshall’s actions is that he went from fan favorite to hated by some. It’s especially tough when you consider fans often ask players to speak up for things they believe in. After all, these players are considered heroes and icons even at their young age.

    “I support it,” Bobo mentioned. “What Colin Kaepernick did for the black community is trying to get people in the United States to understand what people of color are going through and what the USA stands for us and sometimes it doesn’t give us the best outlook on things or it doesn’t look out for colored people the same way. I think what they stand for is something important.”

    Bobo believes that this way of protesting the social injustices of the United Sates is better than violent action. It’s silent action. It shows the importance of a national issue without resorting to violence or aggression. It’s better than violent action, the wide receiver says.

    Kaepernick’s actions have clearly stirred many emotions among college and pro athletes as well as the American public. His actions raise the issues of social inequality in the United States and begs the question: what will their favorite athletes and teams do next?

    “We haven’t had a chance because we have never been out during the National Anthem,” Bobo detailed. “But I think that is a topic to bring up to some of the guys.”

    Jake Shapiro
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    I wonder which college team will be first to have individuals make some sort of protest.
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    This could get interesting if some players kneeled in an SEC game.

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