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bsn BSN: Once just a spark plug, Lindsay is now a tone-setter for CU Buffs

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    BOULDER – Phillip Lindsay has been a spark plug for the Colorado Buffaloes in every single game he has played in. Sadly for him and the Buffs, that spark didn’t often ignite a fire big enough to burn opponents. But on Friday in the Rocky Mountain Showdown, the fire Lindsay sparked blazed through the entire flock of Rams.

    See, Lindsay was different this past weekend for CU. Maybe it was the pace, maybe it’s improved stamina or maybe it’s just because he’s clearly the Buffs number one back. No matter which, Lindsay set the tone and carried Colorado through their will-imposing first half.

    “He started it out, didn’t he?” Head Coach Mike MacIntyre told of Lindsay’s tone-setting. “That’s his home city and I think he said he had half the people there, or at least half of ’em knew him, I guarantee you that. He started off running really hard, I wanted to keep him in the entire first drive but he got tired. If he would’ve played the full entire game he would’ve definitely ran for 100 yards.”

    Rewind to the first drive. After rewatching the performance myself, it’s easy to notice how huge the first offensive play was for the Buffs after stopping the Rams on a three-and-out. That first play being a ten yard rush for Lindsay, who practically sprinted out of bounds untouched. Lindsay proceeded to have three more gains of seven or more on the opening 73-yard drive.

    “After the first drive it kinda set the tone,” Lindsay said. “They had never seen nothing this fast, they weren’t able to line up, they were out of breath, that whole drive set the tone and took the air out of them. That right there is what we need every week.”

    On that surgical first drive, Lindsay kept motioning to come off the field due to fatigue and the coaches kept telling him to stay on as he picked up yard after yard. He eventually was allowed off just when Colorado punched the ball into the end zone, but his job was done. In fact, he did enough work to sustain the Buffs for the rest of the night.

    “Our game plan is for us to set the tone every game,” Lindsay told BSN Denver. “In order for us to have momentum, we have to get that first down and we got it and then picked up our tempo… It’s about picking up yards, not two or three, four or five. As long as we are moving the ball, we have to get those first downs.”

    Lindsay even plunged into the end zone twice, which was a memorable moment for the Denver South graduate.

    “It felt great,” he told. “I haven’t ever scored at Invesco Field, even in high school, so for me to be able to get in the end zone a couple of times in front of my home state, that’s a proud feeling and I just want to continue to make my state proud.”

    But the Buffs stellar run game against the Rams couldn’t be made possible without two things. First, an offensive line that dominated the line of scrimmage and second, a commitment to attitude to the run game.

    “None of this could be possible without the offensive line,” Lindsay noted the first ingredient. “Those dudes out there, I love ’em to death and they’ve been working so hard and they deserve it. Every time we go out and score a touchdown, it’s their touchdown too.

    “It’s all about attitude,” Lindsay stated the second ingredient. “Coach Mac made it known that CSU for the past couple of years handled us up front both offensively and defensively. This year we came out with a little bit more attitude and funk, it’s swagger, that’s all it is it’s about confidence and our offensive line is confident. They’re in shape and ready to move the ball, they love it when we run the ball and Sefo (Liufau) loves it too.”

    With Darrin Chiaverini revamping the offense for the Buffaloes to a more quick pass game, it’s Lindsay that needs to counteract. For any good football team, it starts with the run, and Lindsay needs to establish the tone for Colorado this season like he did against Colorado State.

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