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bsn BSN: Pac-12 releases CU Buffs 2016 football schedule

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Dec 15, 2015.

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    The Pac-12 Conference released their 2016 scheduling tonight and with the Buffs non-conference spots already filled, their schedule is complete.

    Here is your 2016 Colorado Football Schedule: pic.twitter.com/fW4oVS5BRQ

    — Ryan Koenigsberg (@RyanKoenigsberg) December 16, 2015

    At first glance, it’s not exactly the softball schedule you would hope for, for a team that is desperate to get to six wins. We’ve known it for a while now, but seeing it on paper really makes it a reality, the road schedule is BRUTAL, I mean, like, really brutal. Trips to Ann Arbor, Eugene, LA and Palo Alto could put the Buffs at or near the toughest road schedule in the country.

    With that being said, we’ve known who the teams would be for a while now, and we’ve known it was going to be tough, but the way the schedule sets up is somewhat nice for CU. A “BYE” in week nine followed by four winnable games, three of which being at home, to finish the season will, at least, be enough to keep bowl hopes alive going down the final stretch, barring a disastrous first-half of the season.

    The season opener against CSU will be massive for the Buffs, just like the Hawaii game last season, a loss would hurt their bowl hopes greatly.

    Way too early "Most winnable six" IMO. CSU Idaho State Oregon State UCLA Washington State Utah 5-1 at home?? https://t.co/UIXlHy8eVs

    — Ryan Koenigsberg (@RyanKoenigsberg) December 16, 2015

    Those six to me are the most winnable but if I had to guess right now, the Buffs path to a bowl game will have to include a road upset at some point during the season.

    Of course, it’s way to early for all this but one thing is for sure, Mike MacIntyre and his staff have their work cut out for them in a year that they must begin to show progress in the win column.

    Ryan Koenigsberg
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