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bsn BSN: Twi-lights: CU Buffs cruise in home opener

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Nov 20, 2015.

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    The Colorado Buffaloes won their home opener of the 2015-16 season with a score of 85-63. They defeated the West Coast Conference’s Portland Pilots and moved to 2-1 on the season. Geroge King, Josh Fortune, and Tre’Shaun Fletcher led the way combining for 52 points. Here are BSN Denver’s favorite tweets from the game.

    Boedecker's living in the past. pic.twitter.com/8IN3cNkfpd

    — Mateo Martinez (@mateomuhammad) November 21, 2015

    @CUBrickBaby is back in action and ready to cheer on @CUBuffsMBB to victory!! Tune in now on @Pac12Networks #gobuffs pic.twitter.com/V6Ramh1htw

    — Colorado Buffaloes (@CUBuffs) November 21, 2015

    Basketball is my happy place. Love this place man. Let's get it Buffs!

    — Tyler Ziskin (@TZiskBuff) November 21, 2015

    The phone flashlight thing will be pretty sweet when Coors is full. They're still working out some kinks on the intro.

    — Patrick Ghidossi (@patrickghidossi) November 21, 2015

    Big improvement at the KEG with the new lights.

    — Double A (@AndrewAnderso41) November 21, 2015

    First bucket of the year for Colorado in the CEC is a Josh Fortune dunk

    — Andrew G. Haubner (@A_G_Haubner) November 21, 2015

    Brick baby update: Sill a brick, still a baby.

    — Ryan Koenigsberg (@RyanKoenigsberg) November 21, 2015

    Fletch feeling it.

    — Patrick Ghidossi (@patrickghidossi) November 21, 2015

    Back-to-back treys by Tre'Shaun Fletcher puts #CUBuffs up 19-11.

    — Adam Munsterteiger (@adamcm777) November 21, 2015

    Gone but never forgotten @SDinwiddie_25 pic.twitter.com/W4OEdflmhm

    — C-Unit (@CUnitBuffs) November 21, 2015

    Hey guys, just a reminder that Josh Scott plays on your team. Maybe try giving him the ball.

    — Tyler Ziskin (@TZiskBuff) November 21, 2015

    Yessssss @CUBrickBaby pic.twitter.com/OUtiY3XLoQ

    — Jenn Berg (@jennberg) November 21, 2015

    Ok Josh Fortune. I see you.

    — Ted Chalfen (@TheGhostofMarv) November 21, 2015

    I love this team

    — Mateo Martinez (@mateomuhammad) November 21, 2015

    Josh Fortune is fun.

    — James Lucas (@CUGoose) November 21, 2015

    Jazz Johnson is a 5-10, 200 pound ball of fury. #AllNameTeam

    — Ryan Koenigsberg (@RyanKoenigsberg) November 21, 2015

    @RyanKoenigsberg it died two years ago….then again, chicks are still wearing Uggs [​IMG][​IMG]

    — Luis Rodriguez (@L_Rod) November 21, 2015

    @Shapalicious Will you remember them for centuries though?

    — James Lucas (@CUGoose) November 21, 2015

    This team is good, boy!

    — Tyler Ziskin (@TZiskBuff) November 21, 2015

    Nor has J40.

    — Ryan Koenigsberg (@RyanKoenigsberg) November 21, 2015

    @TZiskBuff I mean… he's defended occasionally

    — Benjamin Burrows (@Rumblinbuffalo) November 21, 2015

    13 pts 10 reb 6 assts .. Josh Fortune in range of a triple double

    — Neill Woelk (@NeillWoelk) November 21, 2015

    No Buffs has had a triple-double since David Harrison.

    — Ryan Koenigsberg (@RyanKoenigsberg) November 21, 2015

    My god he is fun to watch.

    — Corrin (@lovelycorrin) November 21, 2015

    @CUBuffsMBB I have to say, what impresses me most so far is the overall improvement of the team. Kudos to the work you did this off-season.

    — RollTad (@RollTad) November 21, 2015

    Now that was a fun game to watch

    — Jeremy Deischer (@roxbombers) November 21, 2015

    Since 2010-11 most points in the first 3 games of the season: Alec (70), Cory (59), George (59)

    — Jeremy Deischer (@roxbombers) November 21, 2015

    @CUBuffsMBB win BIG in their home opener! pic.twitter.com/z7PtVpGyz5

    — Matt Sisneros (@Matt_Sisneros) November 21, 2015

    George King walks off the court, after leading the team in scoring for the third straight game. pic.twitter.com/Dzfbl82hc5

    — Jake Shapiro (@Shapalicious) November 21, 2015

    Great home opener, thanks to everyone that came out and supported us ! Got a lot of things to get better at, but it's going the right way [​IMG]

    — Akyazili Thomas (@AkyaziliThomas) November 21, 2015

    Jake Shapiro
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