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Buff Skiers Win Ncaa Championship !

Discussion in 'University of Colorado News and Olympic Sports' started by cmgoods, Mar 9, 2013.

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    Oct 15, 2011
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    Joanne Reid completed her CU career with a dominant win in the 15k freestyle.

    Photo Courtesy: CUBuffs.com

    Release: 03/09/2013 Courtesy: David Plati, Associate AD/Sports Information



    RIPTON, Vt. - The plan worked to perfection.

    In Friday's slalom, the University of Colorado ski team played it conservative, knowing its strong suit lay ahead in Saturday's Nordic freestyle races. And with a first place and two runner-up efforts, the Buffaloes rallied to comeback from a 54-point deficit to win its 19th national championship in skiing, its seventh coed to go with 11 men's and one women's.

    The largest final day rally in NCAA championship history gave Colorado the school's 25th overall national title, when combining three in men's cross country, two in women's XC and one in football. It is CU's second ski crown in three years, having won in 2011 in Stowe, and of the 19 total, nine have now been won in the east.

    Since the sport went coed in 1983, this marked just the fifth time the third day or six-event leader did not hold on for the win, but the third time in the last six years. Vermont rallied from 10 points down to New Mexico to win in 1992, and did so again in 1994 when trailing Utah by 31 points, previously the biggest comeback on the final day. Denver rallied in both 2008 and 2009, overtaking a 17.5-point CU advantage and a two-point margin by UVM, respectively.

    Colorado tallied 708 team points, with Utah taking over second after the last event with 665 points; Vermont, which had led after each of the first three days, finished in a distant third with 653, while Denver was fourth (629). The leader at the midway point had won six straight and 10 of the last 12 times, and schools leading after three days (six events) had won 16 of the last 18.

    NCAA Championship Team Scores (Final, 8 events)- 1. Colorado 708; 2. Utah 665; 3. Vermont 653; 4. Denver 629; 5. Dartmouth 594; 6. New Mexico 576; 7. Alaska-Anchorage 493.5; 8. New Hampshire 461.5; 9. Montana State 422; 10. Middlebury 357; 11. Northern Michigan 278; 12. Williams 143; 13. Colby 132; 14. Alaska-Fairbanks 103.5; 15. St. Lawrence 89; 16. Bates 57.5; 17. Harvard 39; 18. Maine-Presque Isle 38; 19. St. Scholastica 35; 20. St. Michael's 24; 21. Bowdoin 1.5.

    Women's 15K Freestyle (40 finishers)- 1. Joanne Reid, CU, 38:17.8; 2. Eliska Hajkova, CU, 38:44.6; 3. Marine Dusser, UAA, 38:45.0; 4. Mary O'Connell, Dart., 39:18.3; 5. Silje Benum, DU, 39:21.0; 6. Anya Bean, UNH, 39:26.4; 7. Rosie Frankowski, NMU, 39:36.9; 8. Annie Hart, Dart., 39:42.4; 9. Rose Kemp, Utah, 39:48.1; 10. Makayla Cappel, DU, 39:50.0. Other CU Finisher: 12. Maria Nordstroem, 39:57.1.

    Men's 20K Freestyle (40 finishers)- 1. Miles Havlick, Utah, 50:13.4; 2. Rune Oedegaard, CU, 50:14.0; 3. Einar Ulsund, Utah, 50:14.4; 4. Erik Soderman, NMU, 50:16.0; 5. Niklas Persson, Utah, 50:16.5; 6. Mats Resaland, UNM, 50:16.7; 7. Sam Tarling, Dart., 50:18.3; 8. Benjamin Lustgarten, Midd., 50:18.6; 9. Silas Talbot, Dart., 50:19.6; 10. Kyle Bratrud, NMU, 50:22.1. Other CU Finishers: 22. Gustav Nordstrom, 51:10.1; 32. Andreas Hoye, 53:36.8.

    from cubuffs.com
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    You'd think the PAC-12 Conference would be proud of another National Championship, but not a word of it on their website. I know it isn't a PAC-12 sponsored sport, but a National Championship is a National Championship.

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