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Buffs Announce 2019-20 Non-Conference Slate


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Nov. 4Regis (Exh.)Boulder, Colo.
Nov. 10NJITBoulder, Colo.
Nov. 14WisconsinBoulder, Colo.
Nov. 17WyomingLaramie, Wyo.
Nov. 22Colorado StateFort Collins, Colo.
Nov. 24JacksonvilleBoulder, Colo.
Nov. 26Indiana StateBoulder, Colo.
Dec. 3Texas SouthernBoulder, Colo.
Dec. 6XavierCincinnati, Ohio
Dec. 12DenverBoulder, Colo.
Dec. 20UABNew Orleans, La.
Dec. 21TulaneNew Orleans, La.

I doubt they can beat either Wyoming or CSU on the road. I know DU has been improving. Nice to see LaTonya Watts' team will be visiting. None of these are top notch basketball schools.

I am very disappointed that the Thanksgiving tournament is not on the schedule. Last year, it was said it would return this season with competitive teams.

I don't think this schedule prepares the team for the Pac, but I'm glad to see more road games. They have so much trouble on the road that they need some road games where they actually travel, like to Cincinnati and New Orleans.


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I was mildly contemplating getting a season ticket, but I'm disappointed in the non-conference slate. I wish it was worth it to make the drive from Centennial during rush hour. As it stands, I'll be watching for DU's schedule, and seeing if I'm interested.

Tulane could be a stumbling block -- they did manage to beat LSU and Washington last season. They seem to be relatively young and they were doing well before the wheels just came off after playing UConn.

Dare I say that Denver University could be a stumbling block? They managed to beat a tourney team in South Dakota last season, and they add Courtney Smith, a pretty decent transfer out of Northern Colorado. This might be one I'll come up to Boulder for depending on the game time on that Thursday.


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disappointed in not having a thanksgiving tourney. That used to be a good tourney with some really good teams. Just do not see teams with pac 12 type athletes in that list. Wisconsin might have some, but how many other teams are going to give the Buffs the physical type game they see in conference


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Looking at last years season ending RPI< we have only 3 of these teams finishing above CU. CU ended with a not great RPI of 170. Teams better than that were Wyoming at 52, UAB at 91, and DU at 153. The rest of the schools range from Tulane at 172 down to NJIT at 325, with 6 of the 11 opponents below 200. Obviously teams have changed since last season but just looking at that says to me this is a weak schedule designed to get a team with likely a new point guard and new post players a chance to find their way. But that strategy has been used before and didn't come close to getting the Buffs ready for the PAC12 part of the schedule. I hope it works better with this group.


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DU was an improving team last season and could give the Buffs a game, even in Boulder.

The B1G plays a physical game, but Wisconsin is not one of the top teams in the B1G.

CU needs to be playing teams from other P5 conferences. That's what makes a team better.

Of course, we will hear "the team is young" again this season and it's true. To me, that doesn't mean you give them a pansy schedule in the non-conference because that does not get them good enough to win in the Pac


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I think most teams will give CU a game. I know that people say good things about the the center from New Zealand and Mya and Peanut are good players but beyond that there is a lot of question marks. Gotta play some teams that are athletic and physical and not just one team. Going to be hard to get fans to come see those teams play