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Bye Week Fix - Buff highlights plus "The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend"

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by MontanaBuff, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. MontanaBuff

    MontanaBuff Club Member Club Member

    Apr 8, 2008
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    Greetings, Buff fans, from www.cuatthegame.com

    I know it’s a bye week, but I couldn’t let you go without at least one update! Consider this your YouTube bonus week. Click on the website, and you’ll have access to some of the following video clips (granted, you may have seen most of these, but they never stop being a pick-me-up):

    Keith Jackson’s call of “The Catch” at Michigan - 1994
    The final CU drive against Missouri in the “5th down” game - 1990
    Highlights of CU’s win over Oklahoma - 27-24! - 2007

    and, just for fun:

    CU v. Nebraska - 62-36 - 2001 (I love this one!)
    CU v. CSU - 2007
    CU v. CSU - 2008

    and more!

    Before you go, this week’s installment of “The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend”

    Last week, the game of the week was West Virginia v. East Carolina. As you know, the Pirates shut down the Mountaineers, 24-3, and West Virginia fell to 25th in the AP poll. Was the WVU loss a good thing or a bad thing for the Buffs? My argument is that it is a good thing. Imagine, if you will, if the score had been reversed, and the 8th-ranked Mountaineers were heading to Boulder undefeated and on a roll. Would anyone give the Buffs, fresh off a come from behind win over a 1-AA team, a chance at victory? The fans, the media - and perhaps even the players - would be looking for a blowout. Now, the fans, the media - and perhaps even the players - are unsure as to what to expect at kickoff next Thursday. Don’t believe me? Did you see this link posted here at AllBuffs earlier this week:


    I will grant you that no one expected the Buffs to stay with Oklahoma last year, and no one expected Montana State to beat Colorado in 2006 (hopefully, this will be my last mention of MSU for awhile), so there are no givens in college football. Still, I want every advantage I can get. If our 19 and 20 year olds are infused with a new sense of optimism because the bloom has fallen off the rose of the opposition, I’m all for it. West Virginia can go on to have a good season, but I want them to be lousy on September 18th.

    Toward that end, what games are there for Buff fans to keep an eye on this weekend?

    #13 Kansas at #19 South Florida.

    There was an article this week on ESPN’s website about those teams with the cushiest non-conference schedules over the past ten seasons. Three Big 12 teams, including Kansas (Texas Tech and Oklahoma State were the others), were on the list. The Jayhawks miscalculated, though, in scheduling South Florida (I guess the NCAA wouldn’t allow the Jayhawks to play Florida International twice). The Bulls are a good team, one which rose to #2 in the nation before imploding for three straight losses toward the end of the 2007 season. After South Florida, the only games between the Jayhawks and their game against the Buffs are games against Sam Houston State (quick, what is the nickname for Sam Houston State?), and Iowa State. A win by the Jayhawks this Friday all but guarantees a road game against a top ten for the Buffs. No thanks. Go Bulls!
    (By the way, Sam Houston State’s nickname is the BearKats. No, I did not make that up!).

    Iowa State at Iowa

    Last fall, traveling down I-25 on our way to the CU/Florida State game, my friend Randy and I listened to the Iowa/Iowa State game. Unbelievably, the Cyclones, 24-13 victims to 1-AA Northern Iowa the weekend before, beat the Hawkeyes, 15-13. While it is true that Iowa State thereafter embarked on a six game losing streak, it would be nice to see some team in the Big 12 North fall this weekend (to date, the North is 12-0; the South 10-2). The Buffs need at least one more sure win in their pockets as we hit the tough stretch of the schedule (Kansas State and Oklahoma State, the two teams which present the best remaining opportunities for 2008 victories, have been impressive so far). In light of how much the Buffs struggled against the “easiest” team on the schedule, it would be nice to have a breather to look forward to in November.

    Go Hawkeyes!

    The West Virginia preview will be posted Sunday. For now, feed your inner Buff with a few choice highlights at www.cuatthegame.com!

    Go Buffs! Stuart
  2. Sexton Hardcastle

    Sexton Hardcastle Club Member Club Member

    Jul 11, 2005
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  3. The Guest

    The Guest Guest


    A couple of observations/points:

    1. Reading the WVU thread, I found myself wondering which years Big East fans feel their conference has been better than the Big XII/Big VIII? Ever? I suspect not, though the Big East Champion did TROUNCE the Big XII Champion last season.

    2. WVU fans display far more...erm...interesting avatars and signatures than CU fans. Loved that.

    3. I root for the Big XII and specifically the Big XII North in out of conference play.

    Awesome work as always, Montana. I love your systematic approach to research.
  4. 96 Buff

    96 Buff Resident Commie Bastard Club Member Junta Member

    Jul 8, 2005
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    I like Montana Buff's approach. **** the rest of the Big XII.
  5. MontanaBuff

    MontanaBuff Club Member Club Member

    Apr 8, 2008
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    I'd like to root for other Big 12 teams, but I just can't make myself do it. The Buffs won the Big 12 North in 2004 and 2005 with mediocre teams. CU couldn't have done it without help (especially from the Iowa State kickers :rolleyes:).

    "Colorado has won four Big 12 North titles this decade" sounds better to me than "The Buffs last good team was in 2001". Sure, I would like for us to compete for national titles, and it certainly would be more fun to worry about how the Ohio State/USC game outcome affects the Buffs rather than Iowa/Iowa State .... but we're not there yet!

    One step at a time ... or, possibly, a giant leap next Thursday! :smile2:

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