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College Football News


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For all the challenges posed by geography, Hanks left no doubt that the conference will consider all options each week if games are disrupted.

That includes matching cross-division opponents not currently scheduled to play each other.

Who knows. Maybe we’ll get to see Oregon-USC in the regular season, after all.

“We’re in an outside-the-box year,’’ Hanks said.

“To stay married to tradition would hinder our mission, which is to honor our health-and-safety edict and make every effort to get as many games in as possible.”

The shuffling could begin this weekend.

If Utah and Cal are forced into no contests again, UCLA and Arizona State could meet in Tempe on Saturday night, instead of Dec. 5 as currently scheduled.
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Merton Hanks works for the P12? Love that guy!


Gary Indiana

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As much as I enjoyed watching the Buffs beat UCLA, I still feel that trying to play this year was a poor decision. I hope no other players get debilitating long term effects from these outbreaks.
You said "no other players" in your post. Are there players now who have longterm debilitating effects?


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Could you share? I am interested as to what these kids are experiencing for longterm issues and I couldn't find anything on a cursory search.
I don’t have time now to find links. There have been players with issues, but the arguments will be that it is impossible to prove it was due to football activities. So, nothing concrete for a good discussion, just my own concerns.