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College football picks, Week 5

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Oct 1, 2011.

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    Camera staff

    A look who members of our staff are picking to win this week in college football.

    Originally posted by Daily Camera
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    Surprised that everyone picked Texas A&M over Arkansas. A&M has issues -- they let Okie Light reel off 27 straight points in the second half to take control. The Aggie D is downright bad, and Tannehill is proving to be mistake-prone. Sure Arkansas has issues with their defense as well, but I'll take a Petrino coached team in a shootout over Mike Sherman and aTm any day. Pig Soooooieee 41 aTm 35

    Going to be a nerve-racking day for Mark Richt in Athens. Mississippi State has fallen off the radar a bit after a couple losses, but they're still a very dangerous opponent. Georgia should win, but a loss is certainly not out of the question, even if UGA plays relatively well. It goes without saying that this is 100% a 'must-win' for him. Georgia 30 Mississippi State 28

    Virginia Tech has been unimpressive so far this year and has looked downright mediocre at times, but their low-level competition has masked that and kept them off the radar. Maybe it was Tech just sleepwalking through the Arkansas States and Marshalls of the schedule, or maybe their recently pedestrian offense (Stinespring truly is a questionable Off. Coord.) is going to struggle this year. Clemson is battle-tested, but they haven't ventured on to the road yet. If they go into Lane and win at night, then it will be time to take Clemson seriously. Hokies 24 Clemson 20

    The most hyped game of the weekend is the Nubs visit to Madison for their first game in the B1G. *ebraska benefits this year from having Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan and Iowa all being mediocre, but this is Wisconsin's best team ever. Russell Wilson makes that Badger offense so much more potent than last season, and that defense is going to give Martinez fits and force some major mistakes. Wisconsin 26 Nebraska 17

    Aside from our game, the Pac-12 game to keep our eyes on is Washington @ Utah. Better for the Buffs if the Huskies win (not that I'm exactly planning to host the CCG) to drop the Utes to 0-2 in league play. Think Utah has the advantage at home, however. Utah 27 Washington 23
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