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College Hotline - Pac-12 football: Salaries for the head coaches

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Jul 20, 2016.

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    Last week, USA Today obtained Stanford’s latest federal tax returns, which included coach David Shaw’s compensation for the 2014 season.

    The development allows us to complete 11/12th of the updated salary picture for the Pac-12 head coaches:

    We know every current coach’s base salary in real time, or close to real time, with the exception of USC’s newly-hired Clay Helton (see bottom).

    Below are the updated numbers.

    A few qualifiers:

    *** In keeping with past practice, I have not included performance bonuses or deferred compensation. Deferred comp is real money, of course, but the nature of the payment process can vary, thus skewing real-time comparisons.

    The preference here is to keep it simple: Base pay, base pay, base pay.

    (If you’re interested in the full breakdown, check USA Today’s salary database, which offers the most comprehensive coverage of FBS salaries across the nation — and there’s nothing even close. USAT includes bonuses and factors deferred comp into its calculation.)

    *** In an attempt to eliminate rumor and speculation, I have included links to 1) official documents or 2) media reports based on official documents/information provided by the school.

    *** Base salaries are listed in order, but keep in mind that the years vary based on available information and contract reporting cycles.

    In other words: It’s not entirely apples-to-apples.

    1. Washington’s Chris Petersen
    2016 base salary: $3.6 million
    Source: Memorandum of Understanding (via Seattle Times).
    Comment: On-field results steadily moving in line with the hefty compensation. If Petersen wins the North this season, UW might have to open the vault.

    2. UCLA’s Jim Mora
    2016 base salary: $3.45 million
    Source: L.A. Times
    Comment: Needs to reverse current trajectory or risk being labeled one of the conference’s most overpaid coaches.

    3. Oregon’s Mark Helfrich
    2016 base salary: $3.3 million
    Source: Contract (via The Oregonian)
    Comment: Needs to reverse current trajectory or risk being labeled one of the conference’s most overpaid coaches.

    4. Arizona’s Rich Rodriguez
    2015 base salary: $3.2 million
    Source: USA Today
    Comment: Includes $1.2 million in retention pay that takes the form of stock units. Exclude the stock units and RichRod’s base was approximately $2.2 million.

    5. Arizona State’s Todd Graham
    2016 base salary: $3.1 million
    Source: AZCentral
    Comment: Did we actually make it through an offseason without Graham getting a new deal? Has the same four-year conference record (23-13) as Mora.

    6. Washington State’s Mike Leach
    2015 base salary: $2.75 million
    Source: Spokesman Review
    Comment: Not that we’re keeping track, but Leach just beat four of the five higher-earning coaches. “AD Bill Moos, coach Leach’s agent is on line 1.”

    7. (tie) Cal’s Sonny Dykes
    2016 base salary: $2.65 million
    Source: Bay Area News Group
    Comment: Received a new deal in December that elevated him from the conference’s bottom tier but minimized Cal’s long-term risk. A win for both sides.

    7. (tie) Stanford’s David Shaw
    2014 base salary: $2.65 million
    Source: USA Today
    Comment: Figure comes from Stanford’s federal returns, which are reported on a delayed basis. Worth noting that Shaw earned a tick short of $4.1 million in 2014 when include bonuses and deferred comp included.

    9. Utah’s Kyle Whittingham
    2015 salary: $2.6 million
    Source Salt Lake Tribune
    Comment: He’s hardly the ninth-best coach in the league, but it’s tough to envision Utah ever being one of the top-paying gigs.

    10. Oregon State’s Gary Andersen
    2016 base salary: $2.55 million
    Source: The Oregonian
    Comment: That’s $1.275 million per victory based on ’15 results. Not sure we’ll see much movement on the value scale this fall.

    11. Colorado’s Mike MacIntyre
    2015 base salary: $2 million
    Source: Denver Post
    Comment: Status quo, at least until December.

    *** Other

    USC’s Clay Helton
    Base salary: unknown
    Comment: As a private school, USC was not obligated to release Helton’s compensation. And because the five -year deal (three years guaranteed, two optional) was agreed to last fall, it has not appeared in the school’s most-recent federal tax returns. I’d assume Helton’s base salary falls in the bottom half of the conference given that he was promoted from the interim role and had never been a head coach.


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    David Shaw is underpaid.
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    Yes, and Helfrich is overpaid.
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    It would be awesome if we are forced to give MikeMac a big raise. :)

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