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Colorado Daily – August

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    By Stuart

    [h=3]Colorado Daily – August [/h] August 2nd
    Pac-12 teams amongst the most underrated
    Pollspeak.com has compiled a list of the most overrated and underrated teams over the past five seasons. The list took a look at preseason polls, then compared them to final poll rankings for seasons 2007-2011.
    It will likely not come as a surprise to Buff fans that amongst the top five nationally are old friends from the Big 12, Nebraska (in at No. 5) and the Oklahoma Sooners, No. 1 in failing to meet preseason expectations.
    Rounding out the top five are two Florida schools, Florida (No. 2) and Florida State (No. 4), along with a Pac-12 school, California at No. 3.
    As for underrated schools, the Pac-12 was well represented. Following Cincinnati and TCU on the list were, in order, Oregon, Utah, and Stanford. It should be noted, though, that Utah’s inclusion on the list was almost entirely due to what happened in the 2008 season, when the Utes, then a member of the Mountain West Conference, began the year unrrated, but finished the season ranked 2nd, accounting for 24 of Utah’s 25 points in the survey.
    Colorado, which was not ranked in the preseason or postseason during any of the years of the survey (heavy sigh!), was not on the list.
    A complete list of the underrated and overrated teams can be found here.

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