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Colorado to Pac-10 in 2011 still an option

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Sep 21, 2010.

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    [​IMG]The Pac-10 would prefer Colorado join the Pac-10 in 2011 -- just like Utah -- and thereby make a 12-team conference that can play a championship game. And Colorado would prefer that, too. The Buffaloes have no interest being the 11th and a lame duck member of the Big 12 after Nebraska bolts for the Big Ten next fall.

    It's hard to believe the Big 12 wants that either.

    Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott, however,*previously estimated that it was less than 50-50 whether Colorado would be able to join before 2012. Why? Money. It was too expensive for the financially strapped institution to give up a huge portion of its Big 12 revenue distribution.

    Well, it appears that the Colorado Board of Regents is taking a second look at those expenses. It will meet today in Denver to discuss the particulars of leaving the Big 12 for the Pac-10 in 2011.

    From our news story:
    Orangebloods.com reported Tuesday that the 10 schools which will remain in the Big 12 have voted on contingent football schedules for 2011 -- some including the departing schools, some not. The consensus, the website reported, is to let Colorado leave before next season.

    The Big 12 is expected to announce its schedule decision when the conference's member administrators meet in Dallas on Sept. 28-29, according to the report.

    "There is too much consensus to get Colorado on its way to the Pac-10," an administrator at a Big 12 school told Orangebloods.com. "That's what Colorado and the Pac-10 want. That's what the Big 12 wants."

    It appears that grounds for a compromise between Colorado and the Big 12 are being created, which is a benefit for all parties.

    So it appears*we are just a season away from the new*Pac-12.


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