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CU@Game CU At The Game: A Tangled Webb

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Apr 15, 2016.

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    A Tangled Webb

    Texas Tech senior quarterback Davis Webb is not signing with Cal.

    He’s not signing with Colorado, either.

    Webb is not signing with anyone … at least until he graduates next month and can actually finalize his commitment

    Until then, the saga of Davis Webb will continue, and, as we wait, it’s worth looking at how we got here … and whether or not CU does/should even still want Webb to be its quarterback come September 2nd.

    The last week in January and the first week in February were heady times to be a Buff fan – and it’s been over a decade since that’s been true.

    Signing Day witnessed the Buffs procuring a late commitment from a four-star running back (Beau Bisharat) and a four-star junior college wide receiver (Juwann Winfree). New wide receivers coach / co-offensive coordinator Darrin Chiaverini was riding high, and was the toast of the town.

    And the recently signed four-star recruits were not his biggest achievement.

    On January 27th, the week before Signing Day, senior Texas Tech quarterback Davis Webb – who played under Chiaverini in Lubbock – committed to Colorado.

    I just know it’s a good fit with Colorado,” Webb said at the time. “I really like what Coach Mac (Mike MacIntyre) and (OC) Coach (Brian) Lindgren are doing with the offense. I like that they are scheduled to play eight preseason Top 25 teams. I’ll have a good chance to showcase my ability on the road at Oregon and at Michigan. I will get plenty of exposure to pursue my dream of playing in the NFL.

    “I really feel Colorado is just a couple of players from taking that next step to where the Colorado Buffaloes have been before (in the Top 25) and where Colorado should be.”

    While Webb did sign a financial aid agreement with Colorado on Signing Day, he wasn’t yet a Buff. That didn’t stop head coach Mike MacIntyre from gushing about him on Signing Day, however. “We’re really excited about Davis Webb and his ability to be a playmaker and the things that he does”, said MacIntyre. “He’s excited about our graduate school and getting into the education school there. He’ll graduate in May [at Texas Tech]. He has nine credits left and then he’ll be here in June.”

    The mutual admiration society continued into the spring, with Davis Webb coming to Boulder on his spring break at Texas Tech to watch a week’s worth of spring practices.

    “I wish I was there right now,” he said after returning to Texas Tech. “You go to Boulder and see the flatirons … it’s a little more scenic view in Boulder than it is in Lubbock”.

    Of his trip, Webb had nothing but positives to say about the Buffs. “I was in the facility really from 6:30 to 6:30,” he said. “I was up there all day, just trying to get a hold of the offense while I was up there. It was really a business trip, not really a spring break for me. It was fun.”

    Then, just as CU fans were checking the Pac-12 bowl calendar for December travel options, Webb pulled the rug out from underneath the Buffs.

    Webb – on the weekend of CU’s Spring game – went to Berkeley to visit the Cal Bears. Other stories emerged about a trip to Auburn, but such a visit has yet to be confirmed.

    Despite the flirtations with other schools, Webb may still be a Buff come June. After the Spring Game, Mike MacIntyre was asked about Webb, and had the following comment: “He’s told me he’s definitely coming. He’s signed with us. It’s a weird deal with transfers but he told me the other day he was coming, so we’ll see.”

    Webb, for his part, has yet to make any public comments about his commitment since news broke of his trip to the west coast.

    So, where do we go from here? …

    Is Webb coming to Colorado?

    Your guess is as good as mine.

    There is the school of thought that Webb is just trying to confirm his decision, and that he will, upon reflection, determine that his first choice is his best choice, and he will reaffirm his choice to become a Buff.

    Then there is the school of thought – built upon a strong foundation of “what else can go wrong for this program?” mentality forged over the past decade – that Webb is already gone, and is just trying to decide if Cal (or another suitor) would be the best fit.

    Does Colorado still want Webb?

    That is the more interesting question.

    From a personnel standpoint, the answer is obviously: “Yes!”. Colorado has been in the market for help at quarterback all spring (recall the on-again, off-again romance in January with Tennessee backup quarterback Sheriron Jones).

    Sefo Liufau is still on the mend, though he has been sounding optimistic about his chances of playing this fall. “In August I fully expect myself to be ready,” Liufau said after the conclusion of spring practices. “I’m in a very good position and the trainers agree that I’m in a very good position. August is realistic and definitely a goal. We’ll have to wait and see, I guess.”

    If Liufau is not a go, then it falls to either senior Jordan Gehrke or red-shirt freshman Steven Montez to lead the Buffs to a bowl game in Mike MacIntyre’s fourth season.

    Those were the options presented the CU coaching staff four months ago … and they have been actively seeking help at the quarterback position ever since.

    So, yes, from a personnel standpoint, CU still wants Webb.

    But there is another factor at work here.

    The quarterback position is the most important on the field. Leadership is key to success. You not only have to have a quarterback who not only has the talent to make plays on the field, but who is also a leader on the practice fields, in the locker room, and in the huddle.

    Davis Webb was already fighting an uphill battle to win over his teammates. Coming in as a mercenary for his senior season, he ran the risk of alienating other players on the team.

    Fortunately – it seemed – Webb had the makings of a born leader. His former coach, Kliff Klingsbury at Texas Tech, had nothing but praise for Webb and how he conducted himself after injuries led to his losing the starting position.

    Then the past two months Webb said – and did – everything CU fans might have hoped for from a quarterback who could not actually participate in spring drills. He came to Boulder on his own dime on his spring break, going to practices, going to meetings … bonding with his future teammates.

    And now?

    Even if he comes to Boulder, there will still be the bitter taste left in the mouths of many fans (and perhaps teammates) over his flirtation with other schools after committing to Colorado. This was not like a high school senior flipping his commitment prior to Signing Day. This was a commitment which the CU coaches and players had every reason to believe Webb would honor.

    “I love the Buffaloes and I want to be the quarterback for the 2016 season,” Webb said after his visit to Boulder in March.

    As a Buff fan who wants to see the team win games, I hope Webb does honor his commitment, and has a very successful 2016 season wearing the black-and-gold. I would love to see him go out a hero to the Buff Nation, returning the program to a bowl game.

    But, as the Webb saga drags on, what was an expectation just a few short weeks ago, is now looking more and more like a dream.


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