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CU & the NBA Draft

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Jun 26, 2014.

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    By Stuart

    [h=3]Spencer Dinwiddie, the University of Colorado, and the NBA Draft[/h] –
    Spencer Dinwiddie
    While we’re waiting to fill in the blanks concerning Spencer Dinwiddie’s future, below is a look at CU’s history with the NBA draft, including all-time draftees, drafts by picks and teams, and a list of CU players (16 in all) who were in uniform around the world this past season …

    Pac-12 Players taken in the 2014 NBA draftAaron Gordon, Arizona, No. 4 overall to*Orlando … Zach LaVine, UCLA, No. 13 overall, to Minnesota …

    Dinwiddie to be the No. 32 on the all-time list of*Buffs drafted into the NBA
    Below is a list of players from the University of Colorado who have been drafted by either the NBA or ABA. Those drafted by both the NBA and the ABA have an * beside their names. Players who played in the NBA this past season are in bold (Note: Chris Copeland, who played this year for the Indiana Pacers, was not drafted):
    Chauncey Billups, No. 3 overall Boston/NBA, 1997
    *Scott Wedman, No. 6 overall KC-Omaha/NBA, 1974
    *Cliff Meely, No. 7 overall San Diego Clippers/NBA, 1971
    Alec Burks, No. 12 overall Utah Jazz/NBA, 2011
    Jay Humphries, No. 13 overall Phoenix/NBA, 1984
    Shaun Vandiver, No. 25 overall Golden State/NBA, 1991
    Andre Roberson, No. 26 overall Minnesota/NBA, 2013 (traded to Oklahoma City)
    Pat Frink, No. 27 overall Cincinnati/NBA, 1968
    David Harrison, No. 29 overall Indiana/NBA, 2004
    Jim Davis, No. 29 overall Detroit/NBA), 1964
    Ken Charlton, No. 32 overall Cincinnati/NBA, 1963
    *Jim Creighton, No. 39 overall Seattle/NBA, 1972
    Donnie Boyce, No. 42 overall Atlanta/NBA, 1995
    Jaquay Walls, No. 56, Indiana/NBA, 2000
    Alex Stivrins, No. 75, Seattle/NBA, 1985
    Chuck Williams, No. 77, Philadelphia/NBA, 1968
    Chuck Gardner, No. 81, Baltimore/NBA, 1966
    Joe Cooper, No. 96, New Jersey/NBA, 1981
    Wilky Gilmore, No. 98, St. Louis/NBA, 1962
    Dave Logan, No. 139, Kansas City/NBA, 1976
    JoJo Hunter, No. 146, Milwaukee/NBA, 1981
    Lee Haven, No. 146, Portland/NBA, 1974
    Rob Gonzalez, No. 147, Detroit/NBA, 1983
    Larry Vaculik, No. 168, Denver/NBA, 1978
    Jacques Tuz, No. 173, San Diego/NBA, 1982
    Emmett Lewis, No. 181, Denver/NBA, 1979
    Brian Johnson, No. 212, Phoenix/NBA, 1981
    Other Selections
    Tom Harrold, fourth pick, Fort Wayne/NBA, 1955
    Burdette Haldorson, fifth pick, Milwaukee/NBA, 1955
    Tom Mock, ninth pick, Fort Wayne/NBA, 1955
    Wayne Tucker, ninth pick, Tri-Cities/NBA, 1951
    Robert Doll, St. Louis/NBA, 1946
    *Scott Wedman, No. 2 overall Memphis/ABA, 1974
    *Cliff Meely, first round pick, Denver Nuggets, 1971
    *Jim Creighton, additional round choice of Dallas, 1972

    The NBA/ABA draft Round-by-Round*Breakdown (35)
    1st Round: 8 (4-for-4 w/ players leaving early)
    2nd Round: 2
    3rd: 2
    4th: 2
    5th: 2
    6th: 2
    7th: 1
    8th: 2
    9th: 5
    14th: 1
    23rd: 1
    Other NBA draft picks: 4
    ABA: 3

    Breakdown of CU players drafted, by NBA Team*(31)
    Detroit (2)/Fort Wayne (2): 4
    Sacramento/Cincinnati (2)/Kansas City (1)/KC-Omaha (1): 4
    Atlanta (1)/Tri-Cities (1): 2
    Denver: 2
    L.A. Clippers/San Diego (2): 2
    Indiana: 2
    Milwaukee: 2
    Phoenix: 2
    St. Louis: 2
    Seattle: 2
    Boston: 1
    Golden State: 1
    Minnesota: 1
    New Jersey: 1
    Philadelphia: 1
    Portland: 1
    Utah: 1
    Washington/Baltimore (1): 1
    ABA (3)
    Memphis: 1
    Dallas: 1
    Denver: 1

    CU Players on rosters throughout the world in 2013-14:
    Chauncey Billups (Detroit Pistons)
    Carlon Brown (Israel)
    Alec Burks (Utah Jazz)
    Sabatino Chen (Taiwan)
    Dominique Coleman (Finland)
    Chris Copeland (Indiana Pacers)
    Austin Dufault (Czech Republic)
    Marcus Hall (Turkey)
    Cory Higgins (D-Leauge, Erie BayHawks)
    Levi Knutson (Spain)
    Michel Morandais (France)
    Marcus Relphorde (Finland)
    Andre Roberson (Oklahoma City)
    Richard Roby (Japan)
    Dwight Thorne II (Croatia)
    Nate Tomlinson (Australia)

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