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CUBuffs.com: Buffs Fall In Four At Utah (Volleyball)

Discussion in 'University of Colorado News and Olympic Sports' started by RSSBot, Sep 23, 2015.

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    Alexis Austin recorded 19 kills as the University of Colorado dropped its Pac-12 Conference opener to Utah, 3-1, on Wednesday night.

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  2. AztecBuff

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    Mar 9, 2013
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    As Coach Kritza notes, the serve receive was just not consistent enough last night. Although Aces and aces allowed stats are often a very crude and un-reliable barometer of how serve and serve receive is actually doing (I equate it to judging a pitcher's performance solely by looking at how many strikeouts they had), last night's 11 aces for Utah WAS indicative to me of issues the Buffs had at certain times of the match that put the Buffs behind and, at the end of the match, sealed the deal for the Utes. (Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, my web stream failed a couple times, and both of those times were when the Buffs fell behind (in sets 1 and 2). Especially in set 2, I don't know what happened but it must have been UGLY, as I believe the Buffs were up ~7-2 when I lost video, and by the time I fixed it, it was ~9-15.)

    I would say the general floor defense was also a little stronger for the Utes, as they just seemed to me to have a few more "highlight reel" level digs on great kill attempts than the Buffs did that led to crucial points. (Although, maybe my impression is somewhat off, as at least statistically the Buffs out-dug the Utes 67-55.)

    Looking at the positive side:
    1) the Buffs also lost in Salt Lake last year (also in 4 sets), and CU overall still had probably it's best season in AT LEAST a decade, including wins over five ranked Pac 12 opponents in conference, with three of those wins being on the road. So, the season still has a long way to go, and this loss is not any definitive proof that we fans need to start panicking. (Although, it will be great if they get a win in Salt Lake one of these years- the Buffs are now 0-5 there since joining the Pac.)
    2) As I mentioned in another thread, a Daily Camera article a few days ago noted Alexis Austin was dealing with some "nagging injuries", but she obviously had a very good offensive match last night (hitting .326 with 19 kills), so it seems that whatever injury(ies) she has aren't keeping her from performing VERY well.
    3) Joslyn Hayes, recovering from her ankle injury, didn't start, but was able to play quite a bit in (I believe?) the last 2 sets, so hopefully she'll continue to get healthier while gaining valuable court time so she can used again to "real" match speed and intensity.
    3) It was a strong statistical blocking night for the Buffs with 15 blocks in 4 sets vs. 11 for the Utes, I assume one of it not the best performances of the year in that stat. (The Buffs averaged 2.47 blocks per set in non-conference play, often losing the blocking battle, including against some lower (overall) rated teams.)
  3. CitizenKane

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    Oct 22, 2013
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    You pretty much nailed it Aztec. I watched on the PAC 12 network and CU was really struggling with that first pass. Not sure if Utah is just that great in the service game or if the Buffs just really struggle that much with the first pass. I do think Utah's serves looked better than CU's (Better placement and better speed). But CU really just struggled bumping all four sets. That being said, when CU got that first pass correct it was clear they were much better at the net than the Utes.
  4. buffgal

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    Jul 7, 2009
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    I didn't think CU passed very well in the match. Aside from the kills by Austin, there wasn't much positive in the match. Neither team hit well. Both were less than .200 for the match.

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