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dc Daily Camera: CU aims to be leader in research of sports issues

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Aug 30, 2015.

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    Not long after he took over as athletic director at Colorado in 2013, Rick George and senior women's administrator Ceal Barry were invited b...

    <b>By Kyle Ringo</b><p><p><i>BuffZone.com Writer</i>
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    The long-term goals of the project are to develop a teaching program that could evolve into a certificate students can earn while at CU, participate in collaborative research and become a source for the public for unbiased research on major issues in sports....

    "I think the great thing for us is to be able to have the research on these topics that we're facing as we move forward," George said. "I think it will be really helpful to a lot of people. I don't have to research them and people on my staff don't have time to research a lot of the different issues, but if we have a tool to do that it could be great for us and other people.

    "I think it can do nothing but be a great benefit to our athletic department and our institution."

    George says he envisions a day when CU is a worldwide leader in discussions about sports governance issues. He hopes to hold an international conference on sports governance issues one day in the future.

    The above is just a snip. There's a ton in this article by Ringo. Amazing turn of events. CU is endeavoring to be the gold standard and leader in the nation on research into sports issues and governance of college athletics. Also sounds like it could be a place to get academic credits. With so many athletes being interested in careers related to sports (coaching, management, etc.), this could become an absolutely huge deal for CU.
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    I read the article earlier. Pretty cool stuff.

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