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Delaney: Pac 12 / B10 scheduling agreement could have prevented more expansion

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by SuperD, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. SuperD

    SuperD Club Member Club Member

    Nov 23, 2009
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    Pretty much states flat out that the scheduling agreement would have provided the benefits of expansion without the destruction to these other conferences. Didn't work because the Pac 12 couldn't go to an 8 conference game schedule due to protecting the Cali rivalries and the USC and Stanford games with ND. Pac 12 may have shot ourselves in the foot here so the Cali school alums can keep their weekenders.

  2. GoBeers

    GoBeers Club Member Club Member

    Sep 22, 2010
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    Delany is deflecting blame. He went for the money, not out of any necessity. Big Ten Network has had incredible success and no BT schools is hurting. And yes the big east will probably die a slow death.

    What the big wigs should have done IMO is have a stronger guarantee for a conference champion only playoff instead of bow to the SEC. You do that and you take away all incentive to schedule like a bunch of pussies in the OOC season. Do that and P12/BT series is still viable. Scott kinda bungled it up because he (and all universities at the time) wanted the 9 game conference schedule for higher quality TV inventory and more intra conference games that draw more fans. Frankly, the sac state or nichols state games don't do a damn thing for selling the p12 network. But given that 9 game schedule as a fact, it's hard to imagine how they let the negotiations get that far only to have it nixed.

    But Scott bungling the series doesn't mean the BT has to raid MD and Rutgers. They would have been the highest paid conference until 2017 and probably get more then too. Anyone who knows anything about USC knows they are not giving up the series with ND.
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  3. GoBruinz

    GoBruinz Member

    Jun 8, 2010
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    Wait... what? Delaney himself said that the B1G was going to either collaborate with the Pac or move to 9 conference games. The B1G did not have to raid another conference to add a 9th conference game. What a ridiculous strawman.

    The Pac 12 had NOTHING to do with the B1G's expansion plans. See here:

    Delany said in May he would still favor adding a ninth Big Ten game if it weren't for that agreement.
    "You know, if we hadn’t done the collaboration, we’d do nine," Delany said of the Big Ten's league slate. "If we do the collaboration, we’ll do eight. So, we’re able to attract a higher quality of game. We’re not expanding the number of games, we’ll still play 12.
    "The question is, are you gonna play eight quality conference games and assure there’s a ninth quality game in the mix, one way or the other? ... The idea was to upgrade the quality of the schedules, either through nine or through the collaboration.”

    And the 9th conference game in the Pac 12 allowed the CA schools to split up so CU and Utah would have annual access to L.A., while maintaining the SoCal-NorCal rivalries.

    But yeah, it was all in an effort to keep our "weekenders"....

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