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Designing an Offense

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by Darth Snow, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. Darth Snow

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    Feb 1, 2008
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    This staff may be young at the top, and they may have built an O out of scratch, but it sure as hell seems like they know what the O is supposed to do, and what they can do with it. It looks to be a much more complete and well thought out package than years past. It used to be we would try plays seemingly at random to see what happened instead of having a plan and going forward with it and dictating to the D and making them adjust. This is a favorite Boulder Buff complaint for years.

    I don't know how many times last year (or any year, really) I would see us run go/seam routes and not have a single guy running a crossing route or providing a checkdown. Or something similar. The offense just didn't provide a way to outlet the ball in case the D called something to cover the go routes. This sort of thing was epidemic in our passing game. If we ran short routes, there was no long outlet, etc. It was all or nothing. And our QBs often paid the price.

    That is NOT the case this year. You will see one guy go long, and then one guy running under him to take advantage of drawing the safety off, and then a TE or RB as an outlet, while on the other side fo the field the WR is doing something that gets him open or at least makes sure the TE and RB aren't bracketed and can do something with the ball. The level of coaching each level of the offense gets is way up as well.

    Basically, my worries about EB's noob OC status are starting to wear down a bit. Won't know until the lights come on in Hawaii of course, but damn, I like the signs.
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