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Fall Camp Notes

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    By Stuart

    [h=3]Fall Camp Notes[/h]–
    July 27th
    Fall Camp Calendar
    Well, it’s official. We can now say that Fall Camp opens “later this week“! The players will report this Friday, August 1st, and have their first practice of the fall this Saturday, August 2nd. Notes on Fall Camp will be posted under this heading daily through to the weekend before the CSU game, with each opponent having it’s own “Colorado Daily” during the season.
    For those interested in attending and watching practices – or who just have an interest in how the August practices will be run, below is the Fall Camp calendar. Please note that practices after August 16th will not be open to the public.
    Fall Camp Schedule:
    AUGUST 1— Players Report (by 7:30 a.m.; compliance meeting, presentations/break for summer school/dinner, team meeting) (Friday)
    AUGUST 2— Meetings, Practice #1 (8:50-11:30a), ^Walk-through (4:45-5:45p)
    AUGUST 3— Meetings, Practice #2 (8:50-11:30a), ^Walk-through (4:45-5:45p)
    AUGUST 4— Meetings, Practice #3 (7:40-10:30a), ^Walk-through (7:15-8:05p)
    AUGUST 5— Meetings, Practice #4 (7:40-10:30a), ^Walk-through (7:15-8:05p)
    AUGUST 6— Meetings, Practice #5 (7:40-10:30a), ^Walk-through (7:15-8:05p)
    AUGUST 7— Meetings, Practice #6 (7:40-10:30a*), ^Walk-through (7:15-8:05p) First Day in Full Pads
    AUGUST 8— Meetings, Practice #7 (7:40-10:30a*), ^Walk-through (7:15-8:05p) Summer School Ends
    AUGUST 9— Two-A-Days / Meetings, Practice #8 (8:30-10:45a*), Practice #9 (4:00-6:00p) FOOTBALL/OLYMPIC SPORTS MEDIA DAY
    (Tentative Schedule: 10:30-12:00 Lunch; 12:10 Players/Assistant Coaches; 1:00 MacIntyre; 1:45 Olympic Sports)
    AUGUST 10— No practice (team day off)
    AUGUST 11— Two-A-Days / Meetings, Practice #10 (8:30-10:45a*), Practice #11 (4:00-6:00p)
    AUGUST 12— Meetings, Practice #12 (8:50-11:30a*); ^Walk-Through (4:45-5:45p)
    AUGUST 13— Two-A-Days / Meetings, Practice #13 (8:30-10:45a*), Practice #14 (4:00-6:00p)
    AUGUST 14— Meetings, Practice #15 (8:50-11:30a), ^Walk-Through (4:45-5:45p)
    AUGUST 15— Two-A-Days / Meetings, Practice #16 (8:30-10:45a*), Practice #17 (4:00-6:00p)
    AUGUST 16— Meetings, Practice #18 (9:00-11:30a*), ^Walk-Through (4:45-5:45p) Scrimmage
    AUGUST 17— No practice (team day off)
    AUGUST 18— Two-A-Days / Meetings, Practice #19 (8:30-10:45a*), Practice #20 (4:00-6:00p) Practice Now Closed Through 1st game
    AUGUST 19— Meetings, Practice #21 (9:00-11:30a*), ^Walk-Through (4:45-5:45p) Scrimmage
    AUGUST 20— Meetings, Practice #22 (8:50-11:30a*), ^Walk-Through (4:45-5:45p)
    AUGUST 21— Meetings, Practice #23 (8:50-11:30a*), ^Walk-Through (4:45-5:45p)
    AUGUST 22— Meetings, Practice #24 (8:50-11:30a*), ^Walk-Through (4:45-5:45p) GLOBAL JAM / CU CAMPUS (12-2 p.m.)
    AUGUST 23— Meetings, Practice #25 (8:50-11:30a*), ^Walk-Through (4:45-5:45p)
    AUGUST 24— No practice (team day off) AD WELCOME BACK PICNIC (no interviews)
    AUGUST 25— Meetings (7:00a), Practice #26 (8:30-11:00a*) FIRST DAY OF CLASSES; GAME WEEK PREP BEGINS
    AUGUST 26— Meetings (7:00a), Practice #27 (8:30-11:00a*)
    AUGUST 27— Meetings (7:00a), Practice #28 (8:30-TBA) BOULDER CHAMBER OF COMMERCE LUNCHEON (11:30, Balch Fieldhouse)
    MacINTYRE KOA RADIO SHOW (Fate Brewery, Boulder; 7-8 p.m.)
    AUGUST 28— Meetings, Walk-Through #29 (TBA)
    AUGUST 29— FIRST GAME: CU vs. Colorado State in Denver (Sports Authority Field; Fox Sports 1, 7:00 p.m.)
    [HR][/HR][HR][/HR]First PEARL STREET STAMPEDE is Thursday, August 28 (7:00 p.m.).
    *—practices scheduled in pads; ^—walkthroughs (no gear or balls permitted) do not count against practice maximum 29 allowed in camp.
    PRACTICE ACCESS (MEDIA & PUBLIC): Camp practices through August 16 are open to the media and public; remaining ones are closed.
    INTERVIEWS (Camp): Following full team practices, a 15-20 minute window exists post-practice for those scheduled to end at 11:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.; for the five Two-A-Day sessions, interviews roughly will take place at 10:45 a.m. and 6 p.m. (there are no interviews after walkthroughs as the players have immediate meetings). In-season, refer to CU’s annual credential/interview policies. If you are posting a video interview on the Internet, please inform subject of that intent so they have the option to change clothes, clean-up, etc.
    PHOTOGRAPHY ACCESS: Credentialed photographers will be allowed access for the first 20 minutes of practices (not walkthroughs); however, things can change daily so it is best to check-in with sports information office in advance. CU’s standard photography guidelines must utilized (no wide shots to show formations, no sound picking up cadence by the quarterbacks, etc.).

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