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Forty Aik-res Texas non-game notes

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by aik, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. aik

    aik Well-Known Member

    Jul 10, 2008
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    As the person you natives see regularly driving around Denver with Texas plates but you don't execute the PIT maneuver on because of the CU frame, I will attempt to atone with this nifty fan guide for those of you traveling to this (currently chilly) town this weekend. First, some campus facts.

    CU v. UT: Head to Head

    Overused fan hand signal
    Them: Hook 'em Horns
    Us: The finger

    Road separating campus from bars, eateries, fraternities and street rats
    Us: Broadway
    Them: "The Drag"

    Profane altered spirit chant
    Us: "**** 'em up, **** 'em up, Go CU!"
    Them: "Give 'em hell, Give 'em hell, Make 'em eat ****!"

    Must-have backdrops for a campus photo op
    Us: Folsom, Buffalo statue, Flatirons
    Them: Framing the "artistic" testicle sculpture in front of the tower for laughs (attached)

    Those of you seeking out perennial mayoral candidate and local lingerie expert Leslie Cochran may be dismayed to learn he's listed as questionable (fall) for public appearance this weekend. http://bit.ly/23zFDc

    Barbecue is not hard to come by here, but non-yuppified barbecue is an endangered species within the city limits. I recommend you make the day trip to the Salt Lick (http://www.saltlickbbq.com/locations_driftwood.html) for my personal favorite smoked meats in the 512 area code. And if barbecue isn't your thing, or you're from Georgia/Memphis and you think Texas barbecue is for chumps I would also recommend checking out some Tex-Mex (http://www.texicancafe.com), Italian (http://www.mandolasmarket.com) or a casual burrito joint (http://www.freebirds.com).

    Those of you looking to work some live music into the schedule should consult this guide for a listing of shows in the area: http://www.showlistaustin.com
    In addition to the touring shows, the local bands I would recommend in this timeframe are Ringo Deathstarr (shoegaze) and T-Bird & The Breaks (blues).

    It may be a little cold for swimmin', but there are some decent views west of town around the lakes. Google Mount Bonnell or the Oasis restaurant on Lake Travis if you're looking to catch a sunset.

    And above all, enjoy the game and the tailgates! If I can work the shuck & jive correctly I'll be getting into the stadium with a friend's student ticket and be floating from his seats in the south end zone over to the Buff brigade in sections 30-32. I'm doing a man on the street piece around the tailgates for my former TV station so those of you who enjoy camera time be prepared to be quizzed on CU trivia and the like.

    Wishing you safe travels, and I'll CU n Texas.

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  2. Mick Ronson

    Mick Ronson Well-Known Member

    Sep 29, 2005
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    UT is not a pretty campus. lot of box buildings by the interstate. the tower is some awesome Stalinist Modernism pretending to be art-deco.

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