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Game thread - NIT- Basketball at Texas (Wednesday, 3/27, 7:00 PM MT)


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Especially with the quick turnaround, figured we might as well get this thread started early.

Go Buffs!!!!

Media links -
Live video
- Game being televised on ESPN2 (per the NIT bracket (https://www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-men/article/2019-03-25/2019-nit-bracket-schedule-scores-tv-channels).) For those whose TV/ cord-cutting subscription includes ESPN2, a stream will be available through a link at http://www.espn.com/watch/ come game time.

Live audio (Stream of the radio (AM 850) broadcast.) - https://cubuffs.com/watch/?Live=2321&type=Live
(Also, for any masochists out there, link to the Texas audio stream is https://texassports.com/sports/2014/11/19/GEN_1119144623.aspx .)

Live stats - https://texassports.com/sidearmstats/mbball/summary
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Is that thread still around? I thought last time I went looking for it, it was dead. I’ve never laughed so hard.
I think a lot of old Shaggy content might have gotten nuked a few years ago in a dispute / lawsuit over ownership of the site.


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I want this one a hell of a lot more than I ever expected to want an NIT quarterfinal game.


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are you guys talking about the shaggybevo thread where they bitch about the racist-looking statues?