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Grading the coaches - CSU

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by Clean Undies, Sep 5, 2010.

  1. Clean Undies

    Clean Undies Flagship of the 12-Pac Club Member

    Jun 3, 2007
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    Dan Hawkins
    Head Coach
    Unpack the moving van, but don't take the wedding china out of packing peanuts. The team was fired up and ready to play a solid 30 minutes of football. A solid win is what everyone wanted, and was delivered upon. High marks for the last minute personnel upgrades at WR and for going with Hansen. The injury bug was kept at bay, and off-field problems were minimized. Penalties were a problem, but personal fouls were not among them.
    Some of the hallmarks of a Dan Hawkins team remain. 1) Delay of game. 2) Illegal formation. 3) Off sides. 4) Not giving 100 percent for 60 minutes.
    5) Poor Punting. Get these under control, if you can.
    Brian Cabral
    Associate Head Coach/Linebackers
    Mission accomplished. Solid unit against the run. Sipili, Beatty and Ahles are standout for being in position, filling gaps, and making some solid drive killing tackles. **

    Eric Kiesau
    Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks
    Nice fast start. The mix of play calling kept CSU off balance. Hansen has his work cut out for him to gain a spot in the top half of the conference's QB ratings. He is a long way from making more than 70% of his throws and 300 yards passing. What happened in the second half? Did you see how many points Cal and Hawaii and UGA put on the board? 24 points probably isn't going to be enough to win against CU's schedule.

    Ashley Ambrose
    Assistant Coach/Defensive Backs
    High marks. 3 picks. Kept the the ram's WR's in front. Anthony Perkins and Travis Sanderfield were the stars. Teams are just not going to throw at Jimmy Smith if they can exploit miss matches. There wasn't much to exploit. So when will a safety get a sack?
    Romeo Bandison
    Assistant Coach/Defensive Line
    More pressure on the QB, please. As the game wore on, true freshmen QB Pete Thomas was getting more confident and more comfortable in the pocket. The talent is there. Get some hands on the QB sooner.

    Ron Collins
    Assistant Coach/Defensive Coordinator
    It's always nice to be cheering for the shut-out. A better pass rush was the missing piece. The game plan of shutting down the running game clearly worked. Get the blitzes going and make some sacks.

    Darian Hagan
    Assistant Coach/Running Backs
    Speedy should have run for 100 yards. He had a great 3rd quarter drive, but stalled at the goal line. Twice. The second half should have featured a dominant clock chewing running game up the middle. Does CU have the horses for that? Was Stewart being kept off the field to avoid injury? Brian Lockridge was not finding big holes. This is worrying. Maybe Torres and the Joneses will emerge.

    Denver Johnson
    Assistant Coach/Offensive Line
    Hit and miss. Pass protection ok, but gave up a sack. The center exchange could be cleaner. Penalties.

    Robert Prince
    Assistant Coach/Passing Game Coodinator/Wide Receivers
    The new kid on the staff is looking good. Between the recruiting and yesterday's performance, Prince looks to be a rising star.
    Kent Riddle
    Assistant Coach/Tight Ends/Special Teams
    Tight Ends were an underutilized and underwhelming dimension of the offense. Grossnickle's low hanging rugby punts were painful to watch and coverage could have been better. Bad blocks. At least Goodman's back of the end zone kickoffs and FG were nice. Come on, Riddle.

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