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Hi everybody.

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by buff82, May 14, 2007.

  1. buff82

    buff82 Guest

    Hi, i post every now and then here in these boards, very rarely.

    I like the fact that the buffs have their hands on a couple of highly touted recruits.

    Selling Boulder to these kids should be easy after a winning season next year God willing, that and couple the fact that Hawkins seems like a very charismatic figure, i think with a couple of decent recruiting classes, and some hard weight training, we should contend for the top 3 BCS bowls.

    Hopefully this staff is not looking just at season stats when it comes to defensive players. Good academics, physique and ability to think on the fly is better than any hype inflated star system.

    We need some bulky strong DT's. I mean some behemoths who are mobile enough to clog the lines. Versatile DE's is a must if we go after Strong DT's instead of quick DT's. If we can have it where we have at least 3 defensive lineman who can plug the holes and on versatile DE who can do some coverage and spying then we can confuse some qb's in the Big 12 who might call all sorts of funky audibles. I know this is stating the obvious.

    But we really need size and strength on the D line if we want to get past Nebraska and compete with Choadelahoma.

    Maybe some recruiting in the state of Florida and Georgia will help that speed along. It always seems as if Miami and Florida of lately always has some of the most outsanding D-lineman. We should try to emulate some of that you know. Kind of bring the SEC bulk to the big 12. We saw what a vicous d line can do to Troy smith, let's get some of our own so that the Chase "Booger" Daniels, Colt Mcoys, and McGee's wont be a factor.

    If we make people beat us with their running backs, we have only half the load.

    Also, it seems like last year we had some great lineman in Fenton and BD on the Oline, yet we had problems racking up penalties for false starts.

    I know deep down that if Hawkins works on these few things to perfection
    for fall camp,

    * O- line execution

    * Special teams

    * Conditioning

    along with a heavy emphasis on ball control, I dont see why we cant have an 8 win season.

    That doesn't seem like alot considering we ran basically a watered down highschool offense last year with Bjax and were in those games 75% of the times. Unlike 05, we didn't get blown out, and that's a good sign.

    If we as fans display a cautiously optimistic atmosphere in boulder, and the coaches have humility in trying to take care of the basics first, rather than
    pressuring kids to learn complicated offensive strategies and trickeries, we will put less pressure on the kids to succeed, and they can play with a chip on their shoulder displaying a strong mentality and will to win that will strike fear at the heart of our opponents.
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  2. Swish

    Swish Half a bubble off Club Member

    Aug 15, 2006
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    Nice thread dude.
    Only problem is you need to post more often. :wink2:

    Emulate is a good word since it implies not only to meet but exceed the one emulated.
    It will be a great day when the Buffs bring a team as formidable as Florida or LSU to big 12 conference play.

    I can hear the whines in Huckster land now
    In the meantime, eight wins is a good possibility
  3. ladyblaise

    ladyblaise Club Member Club Member

    Jul 10, 2005
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    huck the fuskers. let em whine.
  4. buffwoman526

    buffwoman526 Club Member Club Member

    Jul 15, 2005
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    We will KILL everyone.
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  5. ladyblaise

    ladyblaise Club Member Club Member

    Jul 10, 2005
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    where is the mnc this year? the sugar? BRING IT ON! :dance:
  6. buff82

    buff82 Guest

    we need to be realistic here.

    If all of Boulder pressure Hawk on high expectations, all of that will cause (not necassarily Hawk) but the team to choke.

    It all starts with being vocal about the teams needs to the Buff community.

    I think we should focus on killing Oklahoma and then UT.

    Nebraske will follow, if we look to becoming and eclipsing either of those schools, Nebraska will be our bitch.

    If we keep on just being the red headed step brother to Neb, we'll just karma our way to dissapointment.

    Give them their props, they are a good team with enviable talent, but they're gutless.

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