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If you were the coach what would be your base formations and personel

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by mdelpizzo_1, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. mdelpizzo_1

    mdelpizzo_1 My Dixie Wrecked Club Member

    Jan 13, 2009
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    Offense: 3 Wide, 1 TE, 1 RB
    Starting at WR: Simmons and Mcknight with Simas in the slot (creating match-up prombles with his height and hands, best possesion type WR we have).
    TE: Geer
    HB: Scott 20 Carries a game / Speedy 10 - 15 (I likes a power game more, more consistant usually), I would bring Sumler in on obvious pass downs because of what he brings in that department.
    LT: Solder
    LG: Bahr (Adkins hasn't done much)
    C: Iltis
    RG: Behrens
    RT: Miller (Better suited out here)
    Leaves Adkins as a solid sub on the O-Line, as well as Givens. Interior O is a little shaky, but pressure from the outside would hopefully be contained for...
    QB: Tyler Hansen, I really don't think he can throw well from what I saw in the spring game before he broke his finger, but can't be any worse throwing, and just the ability to move.

    Denfense: 3 - 4 Base. Our D - Line can't get any push so why have 4 out there, just have them eat up blocks, stay at home for the run and let the LB's overload one side and do it!

    DE: West and Herrod, only 2 that can even hold up at the line (jury still out on Obi haven't seen enough of him and why risk Kasa to hurt himself again, just RS him)
    DT: Rotation, in order of most playing time, Goree, Cunningham, Bonsu. (Goree the biggest, taking up the most space, Bonsu to get time and Cunningham does have a pretty good motor and does get some pressure.
    OLB: Beatty, Sipili, both can get pressure.
    ILB: Burton, Smart
    Rotating in Major and Mohler to change up the looks and pressure.
    CB: C. Brown and Smith, J. Brown as the nickel
    FS: Perkins
    SS: Burney

    I know its a long post, just wanted to see what others were seeing thinking with our team.
    I am no Head Coach and I don't think everyone needs to play
  2. ScottyBuff

    ScottyBuff Well-Known Member

    Mar 28, 2008
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    QB is a tough call. I know that Cody is not the answer but the players that are left just don't excite me for this season. Sure Hansen has athletic ability but his passing isn't great (probably close to Cody's but isn't that the problem). Would be nice to have Ballenger right now. But maybe just a spread-option with Hansen would control the ball better right now.

    In truth I think a one-two punch of Speedy and Sumler is more effective right now than Darrell Scott. I hate that since he is so "talented" but it isn't showing up on the field when we need it to.

    McKnight would be a very good slot WR, and Simas would be better Flanker than Scotty or Simmons. Not impressed with Simmons yet, but body of work is limited.

    Adkins looked better last night, and so did Givens so I'll give them a pass for now.

    Herrod has been the most consistent DE and I like him. For the other DE, I don't think West could hold up as a starter yet but rotational time is OK. I actually would like to see Will Pericak at DE, I think sticking him in as DT is unfair to him right now and coming off the edge would better suit his skill set.

    The DT spot has to be rotational play. Cunningham is a solid performer but Goree and Bonsu are up and down so far but can get pressure. I would move Shields inside as he can play that position and provide depth.

    No way we could pull off a 3-4 alignment. The 3 down linemen would get opened up and the LB's would get blocked out easily, leaving our secondary to deal with the running game = really bad things happen.

    I think rotating Burton as a rush DE on long yardage downs could pay off, allowing Beatty-Mohler-Major-Smart-or Rippy to be the LB.

    FS- I'm OK with Perkins there, until Polk has more time to learn the position.

    If we are going to have such slow Strong Safety play, we might as well get good tackling from the position. Why not play Jeff Smart here?
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