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I'm tired of seeing our players....

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by Ruckus, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Ruckus

    Ruckus Peep my words. Club Member

    Jan 4, 2008
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    ....****ing laughing and smiling and joking on the ****ing sideline when they are ****ing losing or in a close game. Act like you ****ing care about the results on the field. I feel like I care more about our success than they do. I hope they read this because they need to know how bad it makes them look and that people notice.

    **** you. Win games, then laugh and start enjoying it. It isn't fun or funny to lose.
  2. The Guest

    The Guest Guest

    They should be as upset as I am, at least. And that's pretty ****ing upset.

    That has always bothered me. I remember when I was still at school seeing some players at Potter's after a rare loss, and they seemed happy as **** while I drowned my sorrows.

    I wanted to say, "hey! Assholes, you blew the game today! Go watch some game film. Go be sad! If you have to go out, look remorseful and apologize to anyone wearing CU gear. Do you hear me mother****er??!!!" But I didn't.
  3. dio

    dio Admin Club Member Junta Member

    Dec 21, 2007
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    I actually agree. The post game showed them doing the handshake thing with the Mizzou players, and they were laughing and joking and looked completely unfazed by the total piece of dog **** that they laid on the field.
  4. BuffLuKe

    BuffLuKe Club Member Club Member

    Nov 30, 2006
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    Yeah I agree, Ive already been mentioning it on twitter. Catch the ball with your hands not your facemask.
  5. BuffaloChuck

    BuffaloChuck Member

    Oct 14, 2009
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    I was sorry to see so many players turn and head toward the bench before Goodman's FG try. Or maybe this was their attempt to not jinx him. "Don't watch me, guys!" Was that it? Well, that didn't work any better. Of course, there was a lot of high-fives as the game drew down - "See? I told ya they'd never score 52 points! No one in the Big 12 can score 52 points on US! We're too good!"
  6. MtnBuff

    MtnBuff Not allowed in Barzil 2 Club Member

    Jan 11, 2008
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    I agree completely, at the same time I can kind of understand where they might be coming from. These guys aren't stupid, they have been around football for most of their lives and spend a significant amount of time working on it, watching it, talking about it, preparing themselves for it year around.

    They know that they have talent, they also know that they have a coach that has no clue. That means that when things go well they can play against anybody and be in the game. It also means that when things don't go well the coaching staff has no chance in the world of adjusting and the game is over.

    Last week Hawk stayed out of the way and the team looked like a football team. Watch the tape, against Georgia Hawk was almost a spectator allowing Kesau to call the game and letting the players do their thing. This week entirely different, at the start of the game things were going fairly smoothly, we were getting the ball snapped and we were getting into a rythem. Bad field position kept us from really getting going but we looked like a football team. Then Hawk got involved and we went to crap. As soon as Hansen made the bad throw out of the end zone Hawk reverted to the old Hawk. You saw him arguing with his assistants, you saw him half send in a play and then call guys back and change his mind, sometimes a couple of times on one play.

    As soon a Hawk started being the bad Hawk, you could see a change in the players. The attitude changed to "Here we go again." The players knew that the game was over, the only question was how bad would the beating be. As a player at that point you have two choices, you can take it seriously, knowing that it isn't going to do any good and end up crying about it or you can detach yourself from it, make the best of it and go on. After four plus years of unexplainable decisions leading to unexplainable loses to mood of the team is make the best of it and go on. If it would make any difference I would be upset with the players for their attitude but they are smart enough to realize what is going on. Let them get what enjoyment they can out of this season and lets hope for a coaching staff that earns a different attitude next year.

    By the way some of you might have noticed that I called the Cody substitution right before it happened in the game thread.

    I wonder if it happened right after Tyler told Hawk "Just call the damn play."
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2010
  7. PhillyBuff

    PhillyBuff Club Member Club Member

    Jul 8, 2005
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    I got angry at Irish Buff's kid (I think it was him) because his son was laughing and joking on the sidelines during a loss to Nebraska in the 90's....

    I felt I was more into the game than he was... Then I remember when I played other sports... when the game was over, it was over for that day and I also laughed and shook the hands of the other team...

    I think there is a distinct difference between behaving that way DURING the game and then immediately after.... I am not going to be angry at anyone once the game is over.... because the players SHOULD be shaking the other team's hands and talking to them... (unless of course they celebrate with their fellow students on the field :smile2:)

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