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James Geddes - University of Colorado Regent - 6th Congressional District

Discussion in 'University of Colorado Elected Officials and Polit' started by dio, Oct 15, 2012.

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    James Geddes


    Email: Jim.Geddes@cu.edu

    Education: Bachelors - University of Colorado, Medical Degree - University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine

    Job: Sitting Regent

    Term: 2009 - 2015

    INCUMBENT - University of Colorado Regent - 6th Congressional District (R)

    Bio: Elected in 2008 James Geddes is a long time veteran of the healthcare industry who studied medicine at CU Denver. A resident of Sedalia he represents the 6th congressional district on the board of regents and sits on four of the board’s committees: audit, capital construction, intercollegiate athletics (vice chair) and laws and policies (chair).

    Effects on Athletics:

    Response to Allbuffs Question and Answer:

    Quotes regarding athletics:

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