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Kyle McCall: Wyoming athlete Tevis Bartlett recaps most recent Colorado visit

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    By Kyle

    I bugged Cheyenne East junior standout Tevis Bartlett following his visit to Boulder for the Colorado spring game. I shouldn’t say bugged, as Bartlett is one of the nicest young men you’ll ever talk to. He’s also a warrior on the football field. He told me Colorado is after him as a quarterback and he’s looking to stay in the region for college ball following a recent trip to the East coast. I believe Bartlett has the skills to play quarterback at the next level. If it doesn’t work out, he’ll make one hard-hitting safety. If the Buffs land the Wyoming Gatorade Player of the Year, he’ll give his all for CU.
    “[They said] just that they really want me, they see me as a quarterback coming in and playing for them. I think it’d be cool. That’s what we’ve spent all our time and money into getting good at over the last couple of years. It would be kind nice to see where that goes. I think I can definitely handle that and it’s something I’d enjoy doing.” — Tevis Bartlett on Colorado
    Wyoming athlete Tevis Bartlett recaps most recent Colorado visit

    Originally posted by Kyle McCall
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