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Let's talk Buffs-Fuskers

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by justicewhite, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. justicewhite

    justicewhite Member

    May 20, 2007
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    I've finally recovered from that debacle in Ames. Probably the most painful CU loss I've been a part of, made more agonizing by only being able to listen to good ol' Zimm's depressive rants on KOA. Three days remain before the buffs/huskers - i want to hear some in-depth analysis from my Buffalo soliders out there!

    We all know that Hawk can make up for his haphazard 2nd half 4th down call in a hurry on Friday. We all are in need of a cathartic victory, especially one over the Cornholes. It's been too long since Chris Brown was picking corn from the bottom of his cleats after a 5-touchdown beatdown. Hawk's has the foundation fine recruiting class, especially with D. Scott leaning in our direction. With a victory and bowl game, it would be a resoundingly sweet victory for the future of our program.

    We need Wheatley to start. I'm hoping that he can get back to tip-top shape, although its unlikely. His absence in the backfield, along with the jarring hits of Ryan Walters, hurt us. After seeing our secondary picked apart by a lackluster Cyclone team, I'm feeling a bit uneasy after the Cornholers got things rolling by hanging 72 on KSJuco.

    I think we will see some unsung heroes in this one. A key open field tackle by Boulderite Jeff Smart, a few pass rushes from the outside by Maurice Lucas -- who is ripe for a breakout game. Native Coloradans, Polumbus, Dusty, Eberhart will show up for their senior day in a big way and their passion rubs off on flashly newcomers like Josh "J-Fly" Smith. Huge games from all these guys. Dizon will come up the bigger than ever and solidify his rightful place as a NFL first-rounder.

    As a side note, do the cornholes don't make your blood boil enough already? How's this for husker class and family values: "Omaha paper: Did you get hassled back home for picking NU? 'There were no tough times. I told them CU is horrible. I didn't like CU. My mom went to CU and everything. I always used to root against CU. That's how I became loving of the Huskers.' " -TE Ryan Hill, A-West grad, traitor to the state of Colorado

    I don't typically like to make predictions, but I'm unveiling mine for this one.
    Reverse the painful score of our last one, and unleash the glory of a victory over our hated rivals... and momentum for runs in 2008 & 09 to remember.

    Buffs 31
    Corn 28

    Go ahead, call me a sunshine pumper..
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  2. Liver

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    Jul 8, 2005
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  3. Clean Undies

    Clean Undies Flagship of the 12-Pac Club Member

    Jun 3, 2007
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    Whoop! It's amazing how quickly things changed this season. CU appeared on the rise following the OU game. NU had two of the worst defeats in school history against KU and Mizzou.

    ISU showed the world that CU can blow a 21 point lead with the deep ball. With Ganz at the helm, NU showed KSU they can give as good as they get.

    I sure hope the sunshine pumping is warrented. We may see the CU team that beat OU and TT, not the team who has proven inept against other North opponents. CU has been making fewer mistakes when playing early games.

    Judging by the lockerroom, I've got to believe CU's team is in a better position to move on to a bowl game. I mean, if you were a NU player, you've got coaching instability, a quarterback controversy with an injured cup throwing hot head, a disappointed fan base, and a key player on the offense who has been absolutely snakebit in his legal and personal affairs. The NU lockerroom can not be a happy place, and that might show up on the cold wet playing field.
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