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Listen up, ****ers!

96 Buff

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In case you didn't notice the huge ****ing announcement plastered across the screen, AllBuffs is upgrading its software this weekend to a new version. If you didn't notice the announcement, jesus h ****, how can you not see it?

Here's what it means to you assholes:

1) Site will be down from Friday night through Sunday. Maybe longer, maybe shorter. It all depends depends on how much blow the tech folks do while performing the upgrade. Spend some time with your families, read a book, masturbate more, I don't care. Just don't whine about the site being unavailable.
2) The site will look different. I know this will scare some of you. ****ing deal with it. We like it. **** you.
3) Users with more than one account will need to choose one and the other will be removed. You know who you are with more than one. Should you not choose, the Junta will choose for you.
4) You'll still get the same 1* moderation and fantastic customer service you've come to expect, so **** you.

If you have questions, **** off.

96 Buff