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looking at the big picture...

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by Liver, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Liver

    Liver modded mod Club Member Junta Member

    Jul 8, 2005
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    i guess we all knew this was going to be another rebuilding year, so rather than focus so much on wins and losses right now, i thought i'd comment on a few of the big picture things that i see.

    the mass substitutions and multiple looks on offense--- i really like this approach from a strategic standpoint. it keeps the defense on its heels in a big way. the problem we've got is that we flatout don't have enough depth right now to make this work. when you are rotating guys like that, you need guys on your bench that can make plays. unfortunately for the Buffs, when they rotate a package of guys in and out, some of our very few playmakers on offense end up on the sideline. down the road, howevr, as the staff does more "program building" i think CU will be a very hard team to defense. all those looks and packages are a nightmare for a college defensive coordinator.

    the "go for it" mentality--- the fake punts, and the 4th down tries, and going for 2 and all that.... this is good for the program in the long run because it builds toughness and a swagger. the problem we've got right now is that our team is frequently behind or in a position where it needs to try these low percentage plays in an effort to get into the game. eventually, if they get this thing going, you'll have these plays in the bag of tricks and the confidence to know they are there when you need them, but you won't have to pull them out every damn game. at least i think that's the theory...

    the player personnel decisions--- we've seen lots of head-scratching player personnel decisions this season and last... but, i thnk some of it has been validated by what has happened on the field and some of it is just "program bulding." mcknight over sprague had most of the fans wound up but it turned out to be a good decision on the field. and, in terms of program building, i think they are willing to send messages to some talented players at the risk of hurting our chances to win--- hugh charles is an example of that. he gives us a better chance to win with more carries than he is getting. but, the staff doesn't think he brings it on every play so they are willing to go with sumler who works hard, but hasn't displayed the game breaking skills that hugh has. the hope is, down the road, the program overall is stronger from this type of thing. and, the pipeline considerations are playing into which guys see the field and which do not (particularly on the o-line). there is a reason the 5 frosh backups haven't got on the field. i know some of them will burn shirts this year, but i also believe the staff would rather rs most or all of them in an effort to build a stronger team down the road.

    anyhow, those are some macro-observations thus far. it is going to be another bumpy ride this year. hopefully, this team will improve enough to find a way to get the wins we "should" get. that will mean some road wins in the b12 in the cold weather if we want to see a bowl team.
  2. leftybuff

    leftybuff Iconoclast Club Member

    Jul 21, 2005
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    Coming out of OOC at 2-2 is where I expected at the beginning of the season, so I am not overly concerned. The OL getting absolutely manhandled by two good, but unranked, teams is a BIG concern though. I see no harm in rotating in Maiava and Miller if they really practiced the way the coaches said they did.

    The D is doing nicely, and should be the strength of the team.
  3. SJBuff

    SJBuff Club Member Club Member

    Jul 8, 2005
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    I think our O line has enough talent to do a lot better than they are. To me they seem to be playing tentatively and tentative and run blocking don't mix. The downside is this pschological problem can be dangerous and contageous (look at the RBs) so it needs to get put in check quickly or things could spin out of control wildly, but the upside is that if it gets fixed quickly we should see an immediate increse in productivity in our run game.

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