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Match Thread- (RV) Soccer ends non-conference play hosting DU (Saturday, 9/17/22, 1:00 PM MT)


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The (RV) soccer team (5-1-2) completes its non-conference slate by hosting the DU Pioneers (3-3-2) tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon at 1:00 PM MT. (Too lazy to look at every past opponent, but I'd GUESS the Buffs have played the Pioneers far more than any other team in its D1 history.)

Note- as mentioned in the below tweet, looks like it's a T-shirt giveaway day for those who arrive early enough.

Also, wanted to remind anyone plannig to drive to the match that, as noted in the preview below, 30th and Colorado is closed due to construction, so you have to get on Foothills and hit Colorado that way.

The match looks to have a free stream available via "Colorado Live Stream". (Link near the bottom of this post.)

Go Buffs!!!

Preview -

Direct link - https://cubuffs.com/news/2022/9/16/soccer-continued-setbacks-not-enough-to-keep-cardenas-down.aspx

BOULDER — Hannah Cardenas began her freshman season in the Black & Gold in 2017. Six years later and it's the 2022 season and she's still wearing 'Colorado' across her chest at Prentup Field.

Affectionately dubbed "Grandma," by her teammates Cardenas is one of the longest-tenured Buffs across CU's 15 sports.

"Everyone likes to make jokes and be like, 'Oh you've been here for 10 years,'" Cardenas joked. "A lot of people think I know everything because I've been here for so long. I get 'Grandma' every once in a while. That's not a fun one."

Cardenas' story isn't so much that she has been in Boulder for more than half of head coach Danny Sanchez's 11-year tenure, but it's what she's had to overcome. Four knee surgeries to be specific.

"Three ACLs, two of them with meniscus fixes. The third one was an osteotomy with ACL and then one surgery was just a meniscus repair," Cardenas rattled off like a shopping list.

The 2017 season saw Cardenas' career shine bright with promise. She started all 22 matches as a freshman and was second on the team with 1,948 minutes played. The defender helped CU to a school record 14 shutouts as the Buffs advanced to the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

Traffic Advisory: The intersection of 30th St. and Colorado Ave., is closed from Sept. 10-23. Prentup Field is now only accessible by turning onto Colorado Ave. from Foothills Parkway.

Game Info: Kickoff vs Denver is set for 1 p.m. MT. Saturday's game will be streamed on CUBuffs.com/WatchSoc


More on DU -

- https://denverpioneers.com/sports/womens-soccer/roster
Stats - https://denverpioneers.com/sports/womens-soccer/stats/2022
Schedule/ results for this season - https://denverpioneers.com/sports/womens-soccer/schedule
Their preview article for the match with the Buffs - https://denverpioneers.com/news/202...s-non-conference-schedule-at-rv-colorado.aspx


Media links:

Match notes -

Link to link to live stats -
Live Video - https://pac-12.com/live/cubuffs
As has often been the case, a beautiful goal off a free kick has been the difference so far, with a Duke kick from near left midfield finding Webb, who sails a backwards header from ~20 yards over the goalie as the Buffs take a 1-0 lead into halftime.

I would say overall DU has had the run of play (they lead 7-1 in corner kicks), but thankfully haven't quite gotten the needed final connection for many dangerous goal scoring chances, with Hansen only facing one shot on goal. (It was a tough save she just got her fingertips on, after which it hit the post.)

Work rate earns the Buffs their 2nd goal, as James pressures the goalie, and her attempted clear hits James around the thigh and goes in.

2-0 in the 57th minute.
thought they really missed jade babcock chi in this match. Could not really control the ball well in midfield. Nice win but need to play match better. Got a little lucky to win this one
thought they really missed jade babcock chi in this match. Could not really control the ball well in midfield. Nice win but need to play match better. Got a little lucky to win this one

Kuhlmann not playing probably didn't help either.
Coming off their first loss of the season, the Buffs were in need of a positive result versus DU, especially with conference play beginning Friday. The Buffs 2-0 win was a nice start, but there is still a bit of work to be done - more on that later.

CU began the match with a slightly shuffled starting line up that saw Hannah Sharts move into the midfield with Jade Babcock-Chi injured. This meant that the pairing at center back was Hannah Cardenas and Phoenix Miranda with the outside backs being Rachel Rosen on the left and Lawson WIllis on the right. The front line was also impacted by injury with Civana Kuhlmann out, freshman Emerson Layne stepped in.

In this match CU ceded space and thus possession for a lot of the first half. This had been an issue in previous matches but didn’t cost CU until the Michigan State loss. DU was able to run at the back line without pressure but were unable to create many quality shots. CU, which has been consistently finishing this season sometimes with minimal chances, did so in the first half of a set piece from Alyssa Duke that found the head of Kayleigh Webb who lofted it over the keeper.

The Buffs changed tactics in the second half using a high press to put more pressure on DU and limit DU’s time in the attacking third. For the most part this worked and once in spectacular fashion when Shyra James was in position to pressure the keeper who had to try to clear a back pass which found James’ body and ricocheted into the back of the net. Got to hand it to James, she can score in a variety of ways.

At times in the second half DU was able to break the pressure and create some quality opportunities but they weren’t able to finish and that really was the difference in this match. CU had been the better side in most matches this season in terms of finishing and Saturday they were again. Really, what’s distinguished this season’s team from those in the recent past is finishing.

This was DU’s third loss to a Pac 12 school this fall. Previously they had lost at Utah and Washington State while drawing at home with Arizona State. Both DU and CU head into conference play this weekend with CU hosting Arizona State on Friday evening.

Shyra James has developed into an efficient finisher, perhaps the best in school history. It doesn’t take many touches in a match to score a goal(s). She now has 10 goals in 9 matches and is #2 in the country in D1 scoring.
Asu takes the lead in the 30th minute as a penalty right outside the box leads to an unfortunately nice free kick that bends around the 5 player wall and finds the upper right side of the goal.
Buffs get one back on a beautiful Hayward run that gets her by 3 Sun Devils before rifling a shot that hits the inside left of the post and ends up in the right side of the goal.
One of the most painful Buff losses I've seen.

I was at the other end of the field, so can't say one way or the other, but the refs discussed the call for minutes before awarding the game winner to asu. (I'm assuming the question was whether or not our goalie had kept the ball from going fully over the line?)