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MaxPreps Top 100 for 2013

Discussion in 'University of Colorado Recruiting Archive - Basket' started by Buffnik, Mar 7, 2013.

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    Mar 20, 2009
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    While CU had no one who made the Top 100, this was the first time that every one of our signees was at least listed on the MaxPreps watch list prior to the final archives that put all the signees in.


    J-Hop was close to being in the Top 100, getting a 4* grade.
    Fletch got a 3* rating after being unrated on their previous lists.
    DT wasn't even on the previous lists and appears on this one.

    Great class by Tad and staff.

    For reference, last year we had Josh Scott at #41 and Xavier Johnson at #43 with Wes Gordon (3*), Chris Jenkins (NR), Eli Stalzer (2*) and Xavier Talton (NR) mentioned. Of those, only Jelly, XJ and Wes were in before the final archive.

    In 2011, Spencer Dinwiddie was #94 while Booker (NR) and Damiene Cain (NR) were mentioned in the final archive. Booker hadn't been on the lists ahead of the final one.

    Looking ahead a bit, Dominique Collier is currently #54 on the 2014 list with Josh Perkins at #69. Amother guys from the Profile Index that CU is considering is AZ PG Casey Benson (#46). He hasn't gotten the attention from us that some of the other guys have, but he's got a great offer list and would be an incredible "consolation prize" if we didn't land either Dom or Perk.

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