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McIntyre's Wiki Page

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by NashBuff, Dec 10, 2012.

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    Jun 30, 2009
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    Just read it...seriously...I like this hiring even more. His father was the head coach at Vandy from 1979 to 1985. Very useful if Big Mac continues to be a drama king over the firing of Embree.

    Coach Mac played in the SEC and ACC. He recruited Patrick Willis to Ole Miss when he was coaching there. The man can recruit.

    Coach Mac coached at places such as Ole Miss and Duke which are schools that would more likely resemble CU. I don't know about SJSU but that was still an impressive job on Coach Mac's behalf. Duke's players are most likely not as talented as the players on the bigger name ACC teams would be but Coach Mac improved that unit.

    Let's look back at our past coaching hires...Big Mac came from Michigan which is an academic heavyweight and he was the DC there. 1990 National Championship! We hire an unproven coach in Neushiel. He flees Boulder and leaves 53 minor NCAA rules infractions for CU to deal with. Gary Barnett came from an academic heavyweight in Northwestern. One Big 12 title and four North titles then the 2005 Big 12 CCG happened. Barnett was the OC under Big Mac. Dan Hawkins was viewed as a home run hire but gets fired after blowing a huge lead at KU. I don't believe Hawkins coached at any schools that fit CU's academic profile and that is part of why he failed in Boulder plus his coaching exprience before becoming the BSU coach wasn't that impressive. Jon Embree, an alumni, comes in to coach but lacks coordinator exprience plus head coaching exprience. Embree is gone in two short years.

    Coach Mac fits in what I believe is generally desired for the CU job: BCS coordinator exprience and head coaching exprience. It would have been nice to have BCS head coaching exprience but based on Coach Mac's background, I am so glad that Butch was being a Butch and went to Tenneessee instead.

    Two big thumbs up to this hire...I'd say more on par with Big Mac and Barnett's hiring than Neushiel, Hawkins, and Embree based on exprience.

    Sorry for another Coach Mac topic but I wanted to point this out. :thumbsup:

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