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Meltdown-Bama Style

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by Bama Charlie, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. Bama Charlie

    Bama Charlie Well-Known Member

    Jul 18, 2006
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    I live in ****ing Baton Rouge. And my girlfriend is a LSU fan. My night sucks 5 million dicks. LSU played like ****, we played like retards. **** won.
    Only if we can get someone who can convert 3 points. Goddamnmother****ingkickers!!!
    Roll Tide and well done McIllwain. You really showed some grit and determination. Now, get the **** out of T-town, or have faith in your offense!
    McIlwain’s 1830s offensive strategems are what stalled this team’s drives.
    Any chance Cade gets one of those medical scholly things we dole out?
    The OC ****ed us all night long. He needs to leave T-town immediately
    Our OC needs to grow a pair or get the **** out of the business.
    that interception call was a huge stinking pile of horse ****.
    Go **** yourself in your ear you Barner Asshat. I hope you enjoyed you self made bukkake party earlier. Eat **** and die
    I would have taken a shower with Jerry Sandusky to make one of those field goals in regulation!
    **** THE PERIODIC TABLE I don't care if it's biting, bite me
    You forgot the SEC bylaws. One of them says "It’s okay as long as it’s against Alabama." I bet the cocksuckers give that dirty rat-bastard a ****ing medal.
    **** this entire galaxy. In what world does a cheating, lying sack of **** like Cam Newton beat Alabama one year and the next Alabama attempts to win it all by face-planting against a cheating, classless **** sucker like Mathieu?
    It was an INT like Roseanne Bar is a supermodel. Now imagine that crazy bitch in a ****ing string bikini.
    I am enraged as **** right now. I’d attack Mother-****ing-Theresa with a shovel right now if she wore a #7 LSU shirt. WOW. ENRAGED.
    And now I have to deal with the Barners despite their team being gang-****ed by LSU. ****ing Auburn fans
    **** **** **** ****ITY ****ERS ****ING **** **** **** ****BAGS ****ING ****.
    The process can kind of go **** itself. i really just want to win.
    Can somebody hook up a free suit for a good kicker please?
    I've got $200,000 for the dad of whoever can kick a 50 yard field goal
    I am glad that Saban at least fessed up to ****ing up, but in my opinion, he should donate the part of salary that exceeds Miles to the relief effort in T-town because he didn’t earn it tonight.
    All I have to say is that mother****er better not have a godamn scholarship next ****ing year! He knows who the **** he his
    If OTS were on here he’d win the meltdown all by himself. It may well be best that he cool down alone.
    I can't believe I can confessed to all that **** in the HooDoo Thread. **** the football gods and **** Auburn.
    Hey refs, ProTip: Have Les wear a condom before you give him a BJ. I see some white stuff on your uniforms.
    **** Mathieu. I hope the New Orleans mob leaves him at the bottom of an elevator shaft
    LSU you better hide your trees
    And move those purple cocksuckers to the SEC East
    Is Cade Foster Craig James' son?
    If so we need to get Mike Leach on our coaching staff
    The refs and the kickers did one thing right: They successfully ****ed up and made me feel like I’ve been hit in the taint with a flaming cactus.
    I hope the kids in the ref's neighborhoods left a flaming bag of **** on their porches
    I think I preferred "Punt 'Bama Punt." **** my life, and **** the blind ****ers who refereed this Elvis’ alien love child abortion.
    If a Batboy and a Roswell Gray had a love child ... it would have looked better than this ****ing game.
    Hey guys, how long til this Spike 80 **** I just swallowed starts working?
    ****. I wish CBS had aired nothing but Jar Jar Binks clips from the dumbass prequels instead of airing this flaming bag of dicks.
    I destroyed a broom and thru it 100ft then walked 3 miles home and left my family behind.
    Im too emotional for this crap
    My life stinks at the moment. I can’t drink or drug because I would blow 18 months of sobriety, can’t jump off the balcony because I live on the second floor, and can’t shoot myself because my only gun shoots plastic darts.
    this reminds me of a drinking holiday in LA. picked up a really hot chick and in the darkness of the hotel room tasted the best ***** of my life… going back for seconds the next morning and coming face to face with a patch of big herpes … i would still choose that memory over watching this game ever again.
    If Ray Perkins ran a play and it picked it up 10 yards he’d run the damn thing til the Mayan Cows came home or they stopped it.
    I just want to know who is cleaning McElwain’s sheets, cause he done doo doo’d them up
    They just need to burn that whole damn bed tonight
    Second half playcalling like we were tossing salads on a 300 pound fatass who just swallowed a case of Exlax

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  2. J.R. Ewing

    J.R. Ewing Club Member Club Member

    Jun 17, 2011
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    A few good ones, but I think UT fans are a little wittier in their missery.
  3. 77buff

    77buff Well-Known Member

    Jul 28, 2005
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    That's all you got, Pal? cruise.jpg
  4. zbuff

    zbuff Juiceful and useful. Club Member

    Jan 3, 2009
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    Too bad a broom had to die...

    But none of these beat the guy on tv with his blonde yacking away in his ear while he just wanted to crawl back into his hole and keep crying.

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