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Meltdown-Ohio State Style

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by Bama Charlie, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Bama Charlie

    Bama Charlie Well-Known Member

    Jul 18, 2006
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    Played football for 120 years just to end up Purdue's bitch. Sickening
    We couldn't even win biggest Big Ten scandal of the year.
    Can't even get 300 yards of offense on Purdue, we're playing wheelchair football out there on offense
    Rehire Tressel. Thnk NCAA is going to care with Sandusky raping ever kid in western PA?
    I'd rather watch a marathon of Home Improvement than watch this team play for three hours
    Brady Hoke going to earn a contract extension against us. They'll have that ****er a statue by the time July rolls around
    Cheering for this Ohio State team is more pointless than the three days I spent occupying Wall Street
    George McGovern had a better chance of beating Nixon than Fickell has of getting this job
    Hire Meyer, I don't care if his teams keep Columbus bail bondsmen in business, it's worth it to win
    We're so ****ing irrelevant that we lost to Purdue and I didn't see one single mention of it on ESPN
    Whose up for Detroit in late December? Figure I can buy the whole family tix for 10 bucks total. Still overpaying to watch this team play.
    Fickell coaches like he's running for the French Secretary of Defense job
    This season has officially crashed into a telephone pole
    Been watching porno for 30 years and still haven't seen a bigger puss than Shuggarts. Never thought wed be so SOL without him in the lineup
    Play Purdue and never even get the lead? That's the kind of stuff that's supposed to only happen in the Bible
    We couldn't beat Rich Rod
    Even Alabama can kick the extra point

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