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Michael K.: A familiar fold

Discussion in 'Colorado Basketball Message Board' started by absinthe, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. absinthe

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    Dec 1, 2006
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    A familiar fold
    By Michael Krumholtz

    Another failed second half equals another loss for CU. Putting two halves together has yet to happen for the Buffs in conference play, as they’ve now dropped three games in ten days.

    After playing so well in transition against USC, the other team from Los Angeles ran the Buffs ragged while getting most of its production from a full court transition game. UCLA’s freshmen trio of Jordan Adams, Kyle Anderson, and Shabazz Muhammad gorged the heart of the Buffs defense with an aggressive and athletic pace.

    More than anything, this game came down to one team outpacing the other. Even in their high altitude, the home team seemed more tired and lackadaisical than the sea-level visitors. The Bruins scored quickly even in their half court set, leaving seconds on the shot clock, in exchange for more points on the scoreboard.

    Rests were few and far between for the rundown Buffs. Only six of Boyle’s players went for over ten minutes, as depth remains a glaring concern going deeper into the season. Even their patented defensive scheme crumbled in the face of UCLA’s athleticism.

    “We are a good defensive team when we want to be a good defensive team,” Boyle said. “I think sometimes we don't pace ourselves, it's hard to play defense the way we want to for forty minutes.”

    Los Angeles natives Spencer Dinwiddie and Askia Booker combined for 41 points to keep the Buffs competitive. A student section returning from holiday break also did its best to keep CU in the game until the last shot – a missed Booker three from the corner. The first home loss of the season brings Tad Boyle to a 39-5 record at Coors Events Center.
    “This team is not anywhere near where we need it to be right now,” he said.

    Boyle’s bunch only trailed by a point going into halftime following a Dinwiddie jumper, but a slow start to the second half sealed the game’s outcome.

    They nearly climbed back from the deficit that went to as wide as 13 with under eight minutes remaining. But the top team in the Pac-12 (record wise) continued its hot streak against a CU team cooling at the wrong time.

    "We shouldn't have let it get to that point,” Booker said. “We should have been winning throughout the whole game. I thought we could have won that game.”

    Though they’ve already played conference kings Arizona and UCLA, the path does not get any smoother. The Buffs, who are 1-4 in true road games this season, will look to come upon a needed win while on a two-game road trip to Washington.

    After an undefeated start to the season, CU is 5-5 in their last ten outings. Much of the blame can be attributed to the continuing second half hangovers.
    "We hit these lulls for whatever reason," Dinwiddie said. "It is something we have to correct."

    Boyle expressed clear disappointment after his team’s latest falter, citing problems in players executing the desired game plan.
    "Our players have to start taking ownership in what I am talking about and what we are stressing in practice and what our game plans are,” Boyle said. “If they don't do that, then they are fooling themselves because the reality is we are 1-3”
  2. Mick Ronson

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    Sep 29, 2005
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    first quote from Boyle is a little weird about pacing for 40 minutes....so, it's OK to take time off to play D the way we want to? i'm pushing here...but hey.

    i'm also always weirded out when coach is talking to the players through the media....as in the last Boyle quote.
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  3. rolandftw

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    Mar 21, 2012
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    I don't like the last Boyle quote either, but some coaches can do it and motivates the team. Guess if he's tried to do so privately, and hasn't seen much change... not surprising he'd try to get their attention this way. CU's offense just needs to be more aggressive.

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