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Michael K.: An interview with a (the?) Sac. St Fan

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by allbuffs, Sep 7, 2012.

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    Nov 12, 2010
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    For Article #2 Miachael tracked down and interviewed Hornet fan and messageboard moderator - a quick intro SDHornet is the BuffNik equivolent of the main Sac St. messageboard: http://www.bigskyfans.com/hornets/

    Some Questions:
    MK: What should worry the Buffs defense most about Sacramento State's
    attack? And on the other side of the ball, what will worry CUs offense?

    SDHornet: The Hornets run an uptempo no huddle. TJ Knowles will present matchup
    problems from the TE spot. DeAndre Carter has shown he can be a play
    maker at WR. Defensively we don't have a dominating player, but expect
    good pursuit and tackling from our LB's Jeff Badger and Todd Davis.

    MK: Is an upset realistic for a Sacramento State team that just lost by 30 to NMSU?

    SDHornet: The Hornets trailed NMSU 28-19 midway through the 3rd quarter until 3
    costly turnovers put the game out of reach. An upset is possible, but
    unlikely imo.

    MK: What is the biggest win / upset that comes to mind in Sacramento State football history?
    SDHornet: Ask an OSU (Oregon ST) fan what their most embarrassing loss is and you have the answer.

    MK: How do you see Sacramento State faring in their conference play this season?
    SDHornet: Tough to say. The Big Sky Conference expanded to a rediculous 13 members
    this season. Barring key injuries, I think we finish in the middle of
    the pack. I think anywhere from 3 to 5 wins this season.

    MK: Can you tell our readers a little bit about the coaching staff (e.g. how long they've been at SSU)?
    SDHornet: Head coach Marshall Sperbeck is entering his 6th season. Fans are
    demanding more wins and want to see continued improvement on the field.
    Finally he brought in an offensive coordinator (Paul Peterson) who has a
    clue about how to run an offense. Defensive Coordinator Parker is
    entering his 3rd season at that role and 4th with the program. The
    defense hasn't been great but it has been good enough to keep us

    MK: During the week have the coaches mentioned any specific part of the game that will be key for them?
    SDHornet: Not that I am aware of. With a lot of young and inexperienced
    players I feel the coaches will be looking to see continued improvement
    on offense. Defensively we will see if the young secondary can improve
    and if the DL can follow up with another solid game.

    MK: Final score prediction?
    SDHornet:31-17 CU.

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