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More Trammel-crap

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by BehindEnemyLines, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. BehindEnemyLines

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    Oct 18, 2007
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    It's amazing that this hack can so conveniently leave out facts to try to prove his point.

    Link to article: Trammel-crap

    I find it amusing that he tries to make it sound like (a.d.) Castiglione is a scheduling-saint. Trammel-crap then chooses another big 12 school (not that I care much for tejass) and slams their ooc schedule. He points out that the 'whorns have slated: 2009: Louisiana-Monroe, Wyoming, Central Florida, UTEP. 2010: rice, Wyoming, UCLA, Florida Atlantic. 2011: rice, UCLA, Central Florida. 2012: Wyoming, Mississippi. 2013: Mississippi.

    The hack then opines, "That's five seasons, with only one series against a school, UCLA, that even could masquerade as a power."

    Conveniently missing - ou's schedule during the same years (wudda been okay if he hadn't brought the school's a.d. into the article). So, just for comparison, here it is: 2008: Chattanooga, Cincinnati, Washington (away), TCU. 2009: Miami (away), Tulsa. 2010: AFA, Florida State, Cincinnati (away), Utah State. 2011: Florida State (away), Tulsa. 2012: Notre Dame.

    And trammel-crap continues, "But this we know. Wyoming and Mississippi certainly won't be powers." Okay, the 'whorns aren't facing murderers row. What then do you call Chattanooga, Cincinnati, Tulsa, Utah State, and (current prowess considered) Washington? Powers???

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