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National games to watch in September

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by CarolinaBuff, Aug 23, 2010.

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    Sep 14, 2006
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    With the season fast approaching, I thought I'd put together a list of the best national games (aside from ours) for the month of September. All times are Eastern.

    Weekend of September 4th: Not alot to offer as far as big games in week 1

    Pitt at Utah (Thursday 9/2, 8:30pm, Versus)
    This is the highest profile match-up on the opening night of the season.

    Oregon State at TCU (at Jerry's World) 7:45pm, ESPN
    TCU starts out the season in the top 5 and here's an early chance to see if they look like they belong.

    LSU vs. North Carolina (at Atlanta) 8pm, ABC
    The SEC's annual season kickoff demolition of an ACC team between 2 ranked teams with very good defenses, and UNC's could actually be the best in the nation.

    Boise St. at Virginia Tech (Monday 8pm, ESPN, at Washngton, DC)
    Clearly the top game of the weekend on paper as both are preseason top 10. Boise's dream of getting to the MNC game could be derailed before Labor Day weekend comes to an end. BSU returns virtually their entire starting roster while VT has one of the top RB's in the nation in Ryan Williams and the athletic Tyrod Taylor at QB.

    September 11th: This shapes up to be the best weekend of the season

    Georgia at South Carolina, noon, ESPN/ESPN2
    The winner of this game could challenge for the SEC East title and it gives us a chance to see UGA before coming to Boulder in a few weeks.

    FSU at Oklahoma, 3:30, ABC Regional
    One of many great games at this time today. Is FSU on their way back after Bowden, and is OU a serious MNC contender? OU's o-line and Landry Jones both gained valuable experience last year, plus Murray and Broyles return.

    Michigan at ND, 3:30, NBC
    Although neither team is likely to be ranked and Michigan is still rebuilding, this game is more often than not a very good one and still has some national appeal. ND breaks in a new coach and QB.

    Miami at Ohio State, 3:40, ESPN
    The U can take a huge step to proving they're back if they can win in the 'Shoe, while Ohio State tries to avoid another early season non-conference loss in a game that features 2 very athletic QB's. Unfortunately this one is at the same time as our game.

    Penn State at Alabama, 7pm, ESPN
    Another great non-conference match-up. This one pits a Big Ten contender in a tough road contest at preseason #1 team. Bama loses most of their defense but still has one of the top receivers and RB's in the country, as well as one of the top QB's in the SEC.

    Oregon at Tennessee, 7pm, ESPN2
    Oregon might be in the top 10 by week 2 and is one of the favorites for the Pac-10 title, but this is a tough road test even though UT is still trying to turn things around, and now they have to do it under a new coach.

    September 18th: A letdown after the previous weekend but still a few decent games

    Arkansas at Georgia, noon, ESPN/ESPN2
    Another chance to see the Dawgs before they come to Boulder, and an early test for Arkansas and their high-powered offense.

    Florida at Tennessee, 3:30pm, CBS
    Another tough game for UT coming off the Oregon game but this one is also at home. An annual early-season rivalry that has been 1 sided for some time now.

    Nebraska at Washington, 3:30pm, ABC Regional
    The only game that even resembles a challenge on Nebraska's non-conference schedule, and UW appears ahead of schedule on their return to national prominence.

    Texas at Texas Tech, 8pm, ABC/ESPN2
    Could be an interesting road test for UT.

    Iowa at Arizona, 10:30pm, ESPN
    This game might not attract a whole lot of national attention but Iowa is actually in the top 10 to start the season, and Arizona very well could be ranked by the time this game rolls around.

    September 25th: Another so-so weekend with no major headliners on the schedule

    Miami at Pitt (Thursday, 9/23), 7:30pm, ESPN
    Another tough road test for the Canes against one of the Big East favorites. This one could be much bigger if Miami upsets OSU and Pitt survives a week 1 road trip to Utah.

    Alabama at Arkansas, TBA
    Is Arkansas the real deal? The first major road test for Bama.

    Oklahoma at Cincinnati, TBA
    Even though Cincinnati went undefeated last year they lost quite a few starters plus have a new coach. Nonetheless, this should still be a tough road test for the Sooners.

    West Virginia at LSU, 8pm
    Another high-profile game this weekend for one of the Big East's top teams. The 2nd game against a ranked opponent for LSU, and after this game they still have games against Tennessee, Florida, Auburn, Alabama, and Arkansas ahead - 3 of them on the road. Ouch.

    Oregon State at Boise State, TBA
    If Boise pulls off that first game against VT, this would be their last real shot at losing a game this season, which shows what a joke their schedule is.
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