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Offensive coaches thoughts

Discussion in 'Colorado Football Message Board' started by Buff_since76, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Buff_since76

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    Apr 9, 2009
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    Just a few thoughts I had and came up with regarding our offensive coaches after the the UGA game:

    Kiesau - In the last two games it seems Kiesau is starting to get a better feel for play calling. In the first drive, of the 13 plays, 4 were for 1, 0, -2, -4 yards. Last year Kiesau would have panicked, abandoned the run and gone to a 4+ WR set to try and get to a “manageable” 3rd down. In the last 2 games (6 quarters) he hasn’t panicked, and continued to run his game plan. It has taken some time, but maybe his is finally getting into a game rhythm. There were really only two series that I thought he had poor overall play selection. That is a big improvement from past games.

    Rob Prince – is doing a good job with our receivers, and a great job being in charge of personel groupings for plays. He shows a ton of fire and emotion, is helping Kiesau with game strategy, and gets the players on the field so we break the huddle with 20+ seconds on the play clock. In the last 3 years we have had Scotty McKnight and the rest of the receivers. We now are a team with multiple threats. My favorite item to note is how well the receivers block down field. They did miss a block on the WR screen, but most of the time they do a good job blocking in the open field.

    Denver Johnson – the line is improving, and I would guess the fact that we have had the same line for 2 straight games is helping that (I’m sure this also helped in the reduction of penalties from Hawaii to UGA). They are improving as a unit, and I hope they get better with every game. They do allow pressure to get to Hansen, but always seem to leave him a lane to escape as well. Of the two sacks, one was when Deehan was blocking (and he basically tackled Hansen), and the other was a late blitzing linebacker coming up after Hansen got outside the pocket. Overall they are an improved unit.

    Darian Hagan – the running backs are playing much better, and doing a good job blocking as well. The key to the first series was the blocking by B-lock on Hansen runs. We no longer trot one back on the field to do pass blocking either. There is still room for improvement, but they have gotten better as a unit running hard and hitting the hole. It amazes me how well Speedy does at short yardages. Last year every 3rd/4th and 1 Sumler would come on the field and get half of the needed yardage. Speedy picks up the though yards when we need them.

    Riddle – he is the red headed step child of the bunch. Not just for special teams (which are obviously not improving), but for TE play as well. I know we graduated some talent last year, but I haven’t seen much outstanding play from the TE’s this year. One guy who sits near me constantly complains about how poorly coached Deehan is. The TE’s did have 4 catches for 18 yards, a TD and 2 pt conversion, but most of the game our TE tends to be a non-factor.
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  2. Buffnik

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    Mar 20, 2009
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    Nice assessment. Rep.

    In fairness to Riddle (who I don't like as a coach), Georgia wasn't a game where I expected much from our TEs. Their LBs and Safeties are just too big and fast. The stat line they put up was better than I would have expected going in, to be perfectly honest. I've been disappointed the previous 3 games, though.

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