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Official at Arizona St Score Prediction Thread


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ASU OL isn’t very good and our DL is able to contain Benjamin. Tucker and Summer put together a good game plan for the true freshman QB and the defense plays fairly well.

Offense has a chip on their shoulder after this week and they put together a complete effort.

Buffs - 31
Sun Devils - 23

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ASU defense is going to win that battle unless we get good montez. Good montez shows up 33% of the time. ASU 24 CU 17


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Tough game to win on the road. Probably give them fits, but a costly mistake is the difference to give them the win.
ASU 31
Buffs 20


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31-20 Devils. Their D is very good. Frosh qb had a big late game drive.


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If 2nd half ****braska Montez is playing-
Buffs 21
Fork U 17

If Air Force Montez shows up
Fork U 20
Buffs 10


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Buffs 27
Stripper U 24

This isn’t Washington or Oregon. I’m always going to pick the Buffs to win in a game that will likely be close.


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CU 24, ASU 17
Buffs defense scores a touchdown.
ASU defense scores a touchdown.
Shenault scores a TD from wildcat.
JS FG hits an upright, caroms in.