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Official CU vs Nubs Prediction Thread


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It will also be a shoot out. Our defense just seemed out of sorts last night. I don’t think a week will get the wheels hooking up, but who knows?


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Many defensive alignment and mental errors get fixed, offense proves it’s able to have similar success against a better team.

44-38 Buffs
This seems possible. Johnson seemed restrained with involving the passing game too much. Keeping the big guns under wraps until the “gold games”?


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Buffs 49
Nubs 45

Historic shootout with the CSU first game sloppiness forgiven.


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Heart says Buffs 40 - Bugeaters 38
gut says Buffs defense will have a nightmare of a time stopping Martinez and probably won't be 2-0


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Buffs: 3
****ers: 0

Just kidding. Looks like we’re in for a high scoring game.
35-34 good guys.


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Buffs 50, Nubs 45. Mel gets the issues from last night corrected enough to where we can beat them. Offense does its thing.

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38-31 Buffs

****braska handily wins in the trenches but the Buffs find a way to win because I’m never picking a ****braska win ever