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Other games Weekend of 9-13-9/14


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Hey, what’s that smell? Oh, it’s fresh air, the smell of old polyester, meth, and manure covered shoes mingled with red Kool-aid tears seems to have headed northeast again.

****ers fans are trying to figure out what happened (again!) Other than the polyester clad mouthbreathing crowd most people are happy to back into the heart of college football again.

Last weekend gave us a bunch of blowout wins but we also got some surprisingly close games. Army scared Michigan, Cal may have ruined the best chance for the PAC to get a school in the playoff beating Washington.

This week’s schedule has its share of mismatches but also a lot of games with the potential to be entertaining. With the Buffs playing in the early time slot we should get the chance to see some other good games as well.

No Thursday night action but Friday this week has a couple of games that should be fun. The early game is Wake Forest and North Carolina, the private school against the public university, neighbors but not friendly. Both teams being 2-0 adds to the interest.

Later we get Mike Leach’s Washington State circus (23) travelling to a Houston (1-1) team that has the kind of athletes that could turn this one into a track meet. Don’t know what the over is but it might be worth taking it.

Saturday we have no games between top 25 teams but some that look like they could be very entertaining. Stanford (1-1) and coming off a loss to USC flies across the country to play UCF (17) who is trying to earn some credibility before walking through their G5 conference again. Sticking with Florida schools Free Shoes University (1-1) who lost to Boise then last week barely survived against powerhouse Louisiana-Monroe could be playing for their season against Virginia (25.)

In the battle for the heart of farm country Iowa (19) goes to Iowa State (1-0) in a game that is often a battle even when one of the teams isn’t good. This one should be a great rivalry game.

This weekend doesn’t set up well for the PAC. Arizona State (2-0) who struggled last week to beat FCS Sacramento State goes to Michigan State (18.) At least Dr. Nasser won’t be part of the medical staff there. Better check the scoreboard controls, UCLA looks to be in disaster mode and now they get to host an Oklahoma (5) team that has no hesitation in running up scores.

USC got a big win over Stanford last week, BYU isn’t very good but a letdown going to Provo could be ugly.

Did the Buffs ruin the Corn again. Will ****braska wallow in their self-pity and lose to another MAC team. Northern Illinois gave Utah a good battle last week before falling, this could be their chance for a win over a P5 team and to further shatter the illusions of tractors and trailers set.

Locally CSU who got the upset win against Arkansas last year in Fort Collins makes the return trip to SEC land. Arkansas is almost a double digit favorite but despite the SEC mystique is not a very good football team. The majority of the sheep fans who tune out each year after losing to the Buffs may find themselves surprised to miss a big win for the program.

Wyoming who is off to a strong 2-0 start including a win over Missouri should have an easier game this week hosting Idaho.

Northern Colorado finally gets back to playing FCS competition but it still doesn’t get easy as they travel to Sacramento State.

In the small colleges all three of the local powers opened with wins. This week could be the same with Mines hosting Black Hills State, Mesa hosting Eastern New Mexico and CSU-Pueblo with the toughest game visiting Chadron State setting up next week’s huge game with Mines travelling to Pueblo.

L Buff

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Can we set a rule from now on that nobody ... NOBODY ... comes into Mtn's house and pre-empts his "other games of the week" threads? Unless of course he falls asleep at the wheel and then all bets are off. :p



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Couple things I left out.

The mismatch of the week gives us Ohio State (6) at Indiana. Indiana who hasn't won much of anything as long as most can remember is 2-0 but those wins are against mighty Ball State and Eastern Illinois. The Buckeyes are not likely to be gentle with them.

Contending again for the worst program in a P5 conference Kansas gets to go to Boston College. BC isn't exactly a powerhouse but they are 2-0 with a win over Virginia Tech. Kansas meanwhile managed to actually get a win over Indiana State before losing last weak to that awesome force that is Coastal Carolina.


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Watching NC-Wake.....seems weird to me that they don't do what the Cali schools do out here and set it up to where they can play each other yearly. Kind of silly that these two have to resort to an OOC game to play.


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The game before ours NEVER finishes on time...good for cougs vs cougs.
Was rooting for mac. good come back, bad clock mgmt that last 1:03.


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LOL what the hell was UNC thinking there?

EDIT: There also should've been 1 second left on the clock but the refs bolted LOL
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Sigh...good odds the P12 is going to blow another game against a G5 team.

Also, looks like Miles might still have a little gas left in the coaching tank at KU.