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Pac-12 chat wrap

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Jul 21, 2011.

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    By Ted Miller

    [​IMG]Sure you didn't miss my chat. And if you did -- or want to relive every spine-tingling moment --*click here.

    Or, you can just read a few highlights I picked out.

    Larry (Eugene): Hi Ted, I'm not a Duck Kool-aid drinker, but I am a huge long time fan, given the controversy I need to mentally plan ahead, so...could you go out on a limb and tell me what you think will be the end outcome for sanctions for the Ducks?

    Ted Miller (3:04 PM): I really don't have too good a feel right now, other than I think they get something. I've talked to smart people who say it's going to be big and Chip Kelly is in trouble. And smart people who think it will be moderate but Kelly survives. I haven't heard many folks in the know believe the Ducks get off scott free... but you never know with the NCAA. I never thought they be uniquely unfair to USC.

    Pete (Denver): What is your take on ASU are they going to have a break out or another average to below average year under Erickson?

    Ted Miller (3:05 PM): I was more optimistic at the beginning of spring practices when Omar Bolden, James Brooks and T.J. Simpson were still suiting up. But I still see them as the South favorite. I'd be a bit surprised if they win fewer than 8 games.

    Matthew (SLC): What is a realistic expectation for Utah this year. I am think we should be happy with 8-4 this year (and of course, win over the team down south)...

    Ted Miller (3:09 PM): I certainly see the Utes as a bowl team, and I see 8-4 as a season that fans should be happy with. It's good to be strong on both lines, have an experienced QB and a good head coach. I do think the grind of the Pac-12 will be a bit of a shock to the system. Guess is the Utes will lose at least one game they planned on winning, and that could land them at 7-5 instead of 8-4.

    Mike (Baton Rouge): Which team are you picking to win the Cowboys Classic opening weekend between Oregon and LSU?

    Ted Miller (3:11 PM): I was once a strong Ducks lean. Now, not so much. Why do I have this feeling Jefferson will FINALLY become the QB many thought he would be? So call me an LSU lean. Today at least.

    Craig (South Carolina): With Oregon, USC, and Stanford most likely the front runners in the Pac-12, do you see any sleeper teams like Arizona(with Foles back) or possibly Utah in their 1st year challenging them?

    Ted Miller (3:20 PM): I still rate Arizona State as a slight favorite in the South. If I were tapping darkhorses, I'd say that between Utah, Arizona and UCLA, one will greatly exceed mostly modest expectations. In the North, I think the same can be said for the other four: Cal, UW, Washington State and Oregon State. Of that group, I think the Huskies could rise the most.

    Fat Kid (The Hill): You mentioned Wynn as the most indispensable player for Utah this year, which is a little obvious. Who would you put as second?

    Ted Miller (3:26 PM): Good question... Could go a lot of ways: OT Tony Bergstrom.... WR DeVonte Christopher... but it might be less obvious than that, considering the secondary is completely rebuilding. What if the Utes lost senior cornerback Conroy Black, their most experienced guy? That would leave them really, really young in a secondary that will face a bunch of NFL QBs.

    Darryl (Oakland, CA): Ted, does Cal have the best defense in the Pac 12...by far...the 2011 season?

    Ted Miller (3:40 PM): Cal's defense should be good, but losing Cam Jordan, Mike Mohamed and Chris Conte is notable. I'd probably rate ASU slightly ahead of Cal. But every Pac-10 defense has some questions.

    Nissan altima (I-5): Ted, who has the toughest non-conference schedule this season?

    Ted Miller (3:42 PM): That's a tough one but I'd say Colorado because it plays 4 respectable foes: at Hawaii, Cal (doesn't count as Pac-12 game), Colorado State and at Ohio State.

    Mac (Tualatin, OR): Ted, don't you get the feeling that Chip will use all this turmoil to motivate the Ducks? The Ducks are always more dangerous when people doubt them. The rest of the Pac-12 should be concerned.

    Ted Miller (3:44 PM): That is always a possibility. But if I said, "Chip, will you use this to motivate your team?" He would reply, "We don't let outside influences affect this team." In fact, Google "outside influences" and see how many times Kelly denies their affect.

    Evan (Arkansas): How do you think Oregon's offense matches up to LSU's defense. Some of the LSU fans are saying defending against the spread is their weakness, especially Oregon's fast pace spread.

    Ted Miller (3:50 PM): it's going to be an interesting matchup, particularly with a rebuilt Oregon O-line vs. an imposing LSU D-line. The Ducks tempo should be a factor. It wasn't in the BCS game because of all the commercials. That won't be the same issue this time. The one fair knock on Kelly is the Ducks have lost 3 games to marquee foes who had extra time to prepare for the spread (Boise State, Ohio State and Auburn). LSU's defense will get plenty of time to train their eyes to not fall for the spread-option misdirection.

    Originally posted by ESPN.com - Pac-10 Blog
    Click here to view the article.
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    It's pretty refreshing to have some honest and consistent reporting. I do question the one comment, tho: "I never thought they be uniquely unfair to USC. " ??????

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