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Pac-12 chat wrap

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Oct 6, 2011.

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    Jul 8, 2005
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    By Ted Miller

    [​IMG]Sure all of you showed up for the Pac-12 weekly chat,*so this is for those who want to relive it.

    For the entire transcript, Arizona Wildcats, Arizona State Sun Devils, California Bears, Oregon Ducks, Oregon State Beavers, Stanford Cardinal, UCLA Bruins, USC Trojans, Washington Huskies, Washington State Cougars, Colorado Buffaloes, Utah Utes" target="_blank">go here.

    Here are some highlights.

    Antoine Rockamora (Tony Rockyhara):Without Mohamed and Jordan, can Cal stifle Oregon like last year, or will this game tonight be ala 2009 when sixth ranked Cal got ear-holed 42-3?

    Ted Miller (3:00 PM): I don't think you'll see a replay of 2009 or 2010. But I see the Ducks winning decisively.

    Jim (SF): Ted, in the summer I believe you said that Arizona has the best WR corps in the Pac-12. Is that still true? If not, who has the best?

    Ted Miller (3:03 PM): Well... Arizona leads the conference with 381 yards passing per game.... you could say that Washington State, USC and Cal would be in the mix ...

    David (NY): Why isn't Robert Woods getting more Heisman attention? Shouldn't he be? The guy is amazing!

    Ted Miller (3:07 PM): 1. USC is unranked. 2. USC is yoked with NCAA sanctions; 3. Woods hasn't put up big numbers on a big stage. But if USC wins 10 games and Woods continues at his present trajectory, things might change. Or the Heisman attention might go to Barkley.

    Erik (Mountain View, CA):Ted, how come no mention of this? Huge newsShayneSkov11 Shayne Skov@@dat1dreadhead "do u get another year to play at Stanford since ur gonna miss this season?" ohh yeah ill be back u best believe

    Ted Miller (3:13 PM): That would be good news for Stanford. But you do know that plays say that sort of thing during the season and then later change their mind -- see Jacquizz Rodgers last year. When I covered Takeo Spikes at Auburn, I treated it as a big broken story when he told me he'd return for his senior year. Then he changed his mind a few weeks later when he learned he get picked early in the first round.

    Jacob (Woodinville, WA):Ted, you showed love to UW picking them to barely lose to Nebraska. Granted our defense has not been great this year but it continues to improve each game and overall I have seen major improvement since Holt became our D coordinator. But since the NU game you have picked us to lose both times and both games we won fairly convincingly. I don't expect you to pick us over Stanford or Oregon but I definitely think we deserve the benefit of the doubt in all our remaining games. Will you follow through on this?

    Ted Miller (3:15 PM):I just pick 'em as I see 'em and often I see 'em wrong... it's not a matter of faith... it's a matter of my perception of matchups, momentum and venue.... I picked Washington State to lose again this weekend because they are on the road... would have picked them over UCLA at home.

    Tim (ATL):Based on the ESPN draft guys, cliff harris was envisioned as a first round pick next spring. could his slow start to the season lead him to come back for his senior year next year, to show folks that he's matured etc?!?

    Ted Miller (3:15 PM): yes... harris will make a big mistake if he enters the draft.

    Jim (Bremerton, WA):Coach Wulff has said that Lobbestael is starting this week for WSU vs UCLA. Let's say that on gameday Tuel is cleared to play. Should he start? Come off the bench? How SHOULD Wulff handle this transition, in your opinion?

    Ted Miller (3:17 PM): I think Wulff is going to wait until Tuel feels and looks 100 percent.... and then Tuel starts. But it will be interesting if Lobbestael is lights out against UCLA... hard to bench a guy who is doing well and winning. My impression is Wulff is doing a good job handling that situation.

    IPM (Park City ):What will Jon Hayes have to do to be successful on saturday? Also besides Hayes, Who will need to step up and make plays?

    Ted Miller (3:20 PM): 1. Protect the ball; 2. Protect the ball. It will help that he's got OT Tony Bergstrom, TE Kendrick Moeai and TE Jake Murphy back... the key is giving him a running game... so the O-line and John White need to step up...

    Nathan (Portland):As an Oregon fan, I'm not totally clear what I should be rooting for with respect to LSU -- should I be rooting for them to lose at least two games so they're out of the national title picture altogether, or should I be rooting for them to lose zero games and hope that enough other teams lose so Oregon can get that No. 2 spot (even though I feel voters may be reluctant to have a rematch for the BCS game).

    Ted Miller (3:24 PM):What you're rooting for is Oregon to end up No. 1 or No. 2 in the BCS standings... that could happen in either scenario.... what you most want is everyone else to lose games...

    jimmy (sf):Out of these three who goes pro: Kalil, Barkley, McDonald?

    Ted Miller (3:24 PM): all three..

    AAW (Beer Country, OR): Will Mike Riley be on the hot seat next year if the beavs have a similar showing?

    Ted Miller (3:27 PM): If you're asking if the Beavers stay on their present course -- losing nearly all their games -- I would think a third consecutive losing season in 2012 might spell trouble. Hard for me to believe that will happen... lots of bad things came together last year and this year to cause these issues.

    KingAxelson (Eugene, OR.):Very large, and fast defensive players seem to work well for the SEC. Why does this conference seem to be behind the eight ball in that category?

    Ted Miller (3:32 PM): I've talked to a number of coaches about this topic and there are two answers: 1. There don't seem to be as many big bodies out here as down south. 2. Go to a high school basketball game. See all those wide-bodied 6-foot-5 guys who don't play football. Those guys play football in the south.

    AAW (Beer Country, OR): Ted, including your SEC days, what is the best college team you have seen play?

    Ted Miller (3:37 PM):Miami in 2001...USC in 2004.... that Nebraska team that crushed Florida

    richard (iraq):why is cameron marshall such an underrated rb hes tied n the pac12 for most rusing tds?

    Ted Miller (3:39 PM):He's done what he's done on a sprained ankle, too... still, he's only 9th in the conference in rushing yards per game, and there are a lot of good backs in the league, starting with James and Polk.

    Darius (Los Angeles, CA):What does Arizona need to finish for Mike Stoops to lose his job, or is he guaranteed at least one more year?

    Ted Miller (3:43 PM):I've long thought Stoops was safe, but a complete collapse might cause him some issues. He needs to win at least four or so games to be safe... a lot of that is up to AD Greg Byrne... does he have someone he thinks can do better right now? I feel like Stoops has earned another year. Things might set up well for the Wildcats In 2012...Matt Scott at QB, five starters back on O-line, Carey in year 2, still strong at WR... Washington back up to snuff.

    Engineer Mike (Switzerland):If Oregon plays almost any other game on opening week, they avoid the loss to LSU, and would now look like the rest of the top-5 gang. It really implies there's too much risk in such big out-of-conference games, which is disappointing because they're so much fun. What changes could be made to the system to encourage tough scheduling?

    Ted Miller (3:49 PM):I hate how some penalized Oregon for taking on that challenge. If LSU had lost, I wouldn't have dumped it... If you lose to a top-five team, it doesn't mean you aren't a top-10 team... When I do my vote, I reward teams for tough schedules and I hit teams with weak schedules hard...

    MIKE (FRISCO): Ted, if you could take any college QB in the nation to lead your team down the field for a game-winning TD with 2 minutes left, who would it be?

    Ted Miller (3:55 PM): 1. Luck; 2. Kellen Moore; 3. Robert Griffin

    Chris (Denver): What is your take on UW so far and long term? Assuming they beat the Buffs in a week, isn't 5-1 sort of a shocking start for them? Is that program on its way back? Historically, they should be the team in the North, but they've been awful since I was a kid.

    Ted Miller (3:59 PM):Well, the toughest part of the schedule is ahead. 5-1 didn't seem unreasonable in the preseason. Most saw the Huskies as the No. 3 team in the North. But as for them being on their way back, I'd say yes... Having a promising sophomore QB like Keith Price is a good foundation, and it seems like the Huskies are doing well recruiting linemen.

    Tim (Pullman):What teams does WSU have a good shot at beating besides UCLA and OSU to get to bowl eligibility?

    Ted Miller (4:02 PM): Good shot might not be the right term, but the only game I don't think the Cougs have a shot at are Stanford and Oregon.. the Apple Cup is in Seattle, not Husky Stadium, and it could be a surprise. utah and Arizona State must go to Pullman, which isn't easy in November. And Cal is playing in AT&T park, not memorial stadium, and who knows if the Bears will be consistent.

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