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Pac-12 chat wrap

Discussion in 'CU Buffs Newsroom' started by RSSBot, Oct 13, 2011.

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    By Ted Miller

    [​IMG]Sure all of you showed up for the Pac-12 weekly chat, so this is for those who want to relive it.

    For the entire transcript, go here.

    Here are some highlights.

    matt (los angeles): Ted--How long do you think until USC is a Nat Title Contender again

    Ted Miller (3:02 PM): That's a complicated question, involving more than NCAA sanctions. But I'd think three years of scholarship sanctions will knock the Trojans down at least five or six years.

    Jeremiah (Colorado): What are the chances Brett Hundley sees any playing time at UCLA this year? How effective do you believe he will be?

    Ted Miller (3:06 PM): It seems very likely, just because of Kevin Prince's injury history Also, Rick Neuheisel has said he thinks he needs to play Hundley just to get him some experience -- he doesn't want his first snap to be in a tight game after Prince gets hurt.

    James (Scottsdale): What is the bigger factor, Kenjon Barner filling the void or Darron Thomas passing the ball?

    Ted Miller (3:07 PM): I have a feeling you will see Thomas attacking the Sun Devils secondary, which is banged up.

    may (la, ca): any chance maynard outplay's barkley?

    Ted Miller (3:10 PM): a chance... but that's not one i'd take a bet on... of course, you could change the question: What are the chances the Cal defense steps up more than the USC defense? That's legit.

    Pete (Denver): What are the odds that Stanford if goes undefeated they get left out of the championship game?

    Ted Miller (3:16 PM): It's possible...the undefeated Cardinal likely would be behind an undefeated SEC and Big 12 champ... not sure about the Big Ten.

    Tyler (The District): Why would Stanford be behind a Big 12 team after going unbeaten? We will finish with 3 wins against the top 20 (possibly 15) in our last four games. (UO, ND, ASU)

    Ted Miller (3:23 PM): Stanford wouldn't eclipse Oklahoma because the Sooners wouldn't drop in the polls if undefeated... and there are more ranked teams in the Big 12 at present... If Oklahoma State were to end up the undefeated Big 12 champ, things might be closer...I think the computers would prefer the Cowboys, the human polls the Cardinal... it would be very close. And controversial.

    Keith H (Seattle): Ted, I'd say Stanford's chances of getting knocked out of the title game if undefeated are pretty good when you consider the number of teams still possible: OK/Ok St, LSU/Ala, Wisconsin and Boise State, for starters.

    Ted Miller (3:26 PM): Boise State wouldn't eclipse an undefeated team from an AQ conference. And Wisconsin might end up behind the Cardinal in the BCS standings. LSU and Alabama play, and a 1-loss SEC team wouldn't eclipse Stanford. You're really talking about Stanford vs. the Big 12 champion as where the Cardinal would definitely get clipped.

    Evan (Tempe, Az): Assuming Ozzie plays spot on, who would be a bigger offensive contributor if the Devils were to put up a very solid game against the Ducks; Marshall, Pflugrad, or Robinson? Or would it be someone else?

    Ted Miller (3:31 PM): If Marshall has a big game, I think the Sun Devils win ... The Ducks def always take away the run first, so that would mean they failed their primary objective.

    Paul (Albany, OR): Ted, are the Beavers of last week the team you think they are and the one which will show up each week now? Or are they more the team of the first few weeks, and we Beaver Enthusiasts should expect disappointment? Thanks

    Ted Miller (3:38 PM): My expectations is Oregon State is going to keep improving. I don't know what that means for winning games -- Arizona is sort of an odd case to extrapolate from. Riley's teams tend to get better, and from what I've seen of Mannion, that will be his M.O. too.

    Nate (Boise): I noticed you just said that Boise State won't eclipse an undefeated team from an AQ conference. I'm wondering if you feel that way irrespective of what team it is (i.e. what about Georgia Tech or Michigan) and irrespective of how good certain teams end up being (i.e. Georgia mainly, but also Toledo and Nevada)

    Ted Miller (3:43 PM): Of course, it's more complicated than my just typing it. What if Boise State somehow ends up No. 1 in both polls with a 1-loss SEC champ behind it and an undefeated Michigan/Georgia Tech ranked third? Would that off-set a strong computer bias for the AQ team based on strength of schedule? hard to say. But as a rule, Boise State will need a BETTER record than the AQ teams to get into the title game.

    Doug (Seattle): What are your impressions of Sark as a head coach so far? I think he's doing a great job and the future looks pretty good so far!

    Ted Miller (3:46 PM): Very positive... on the field and in recruiting. But Huskies fans don't want to win 8 games. They want championships. That will be Sark's true measure: Getting Washington back to the Rose Bowl.

    Larry (Kansas): What type of coach should UA go after?

    Ted Miller (3:50 PM): The easy response is someone who won't duplicate the negatives that Stoops had, namely the sideline antics and the less than outgoing ways with boosters. I think the challenge is trying to fit a candidate into head coaching shoes, in Tucson,in the Pac-12 and imagine how he'd conduct himself. Someone with ties to Texas and California recruiting would be good, too. And here's something I'd always ask as an AD: Tell me who you'd hire for your staff, particularly the coordinators. A good staff as often as anything makes a good head coach.

    Cliff Harris (Eugene): Ted when do i start playing like i am capable of

    Ted Miller (3:54 PM): When you do what you're coaches tell you to do Sunday-Friday.

    Paul Wulff (Pullman): Should I start Tuel or Lobbestael on Saturday???

    Ted Miller (4:01 PM): Lobbestael...Tuel is your starter, and should start against Oregon State, but Lobbestael has earned this and Tuel probably could benefit from another week. The question is do you want to play Tuel to shake off the rust. Or does Lobbestael get a quick hook? Or if you start Tuel and he struggles, how quickly do you go back to Lobbestael.... it's a complicated issue, but it's better than having no good QB.

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